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Sanctioned Events

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The Magic Week


Open From 12:30pm

FNM (Friday Afternoon) Commander
Play 3 Games, Win a Game for the FNM Promo (while Stocks Last)

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3 x Amonkhet - $20.00
6:00 Registration
Gameplay begins at 6:30pm
Prizes: foil FNM promo cards. (Not re-rare drafting)


$20.00 registration, 3 boosters per player in the prize pool.
Everyone wins a booster.

Competitive REL, Deck lists are required

Early Start time: 12:00pm
Open from 11:30
Facebook Info


Amonkhet Standard Showdown

Open from 12:30 pm
Play Starts at 1:00pm

Casual Magic
Plane Chase


Open from 12:30 pm

Casual Magic
Plane Chase


Open from 6:15

Teams Practice

D&D Play testing Bill’s Module


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D&D setup from 6:15pm (Later start for less parking cost)
Game from 6:30pm - 9:30pm

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Saturday 27th

Big Modern

Sunday 28th

Amonkhet Standard Showdown
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iLike Magic Cup

We will be awarding 1 point for each Match win in DCI sanctioned event. This will give more points for larger events and additional points for FNM. It will also reward consistency of play.
Thank you to those who offer feedback and encouragement to keep building our Magic Cup.

The 2015 Birthday event is currently scheduled for Saturday 5th March 2016.

Throughout 2016 we will been awarding additional points for winners at our events. The prize for placing in the top 24 is a seat at one of the featured drafts. The prize for the top 8 is an invitational draft of Modern Masters 2. The second pod of prizes, is a Khans pod.

There will be 3 iLike Magic Cup prizes for 2016.
The player with the top points for the year.
Top Player of the Year.

The player who wins the Modern Masters draft.
Best Player of the Year.

The most improved player of the year.
Most Improved.

The iLike Magic Cup Points will close on the 31st December, for 2016. The draft will take place early in 2017 once everyone is back from their Christmas Hols.

There may be a special tie breaker event. Players with equal points who are at the bottom of the Pod standing will play a special points match and this will determine the final placings.

Have you earned iLike Magic Cup points? Find out here... All points.

Closed - 2016

Final Results

Remember you can click on the names to see the details page.

Additional Info:
Total Sanctioned Matches Played = 3,113

Current Top 8 - Eternal Masters

Second Top 8 - Khans of Tarkir

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We Have Moved Again…

Down the Stairs, then straight down the hall. Very easy to find…
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