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Jouney into Nyx Launch Weekend

Launch Weekend is now done and dusted. With Chris away I thought we would just cruse through and relax after the pressure of Prerelease.
Friday afternoon started with people arriving to tweak and test their Theros Block constructed decks. Soon EDH began and we played through to Friday Night Magic. FNM was a full house, nice to have our travellers back after the holidays. I was also great to have our new Drafters returning. Drafting is a fun format, especially when you know the basics and want to take both your Standard and card collection to the next level.
Our 2 pods got off to a good start with a great draw for Andrew, another Adjani, Mentor of Heroes. In Pod1 Raven was on track for a win, but Walker who although recovering from the flu, clinched first spot. Over in pod 2 Adjani was making his presence felt and Andrew and Nathan faced down for the final. Nathan took the final game to win the day.

To celebrate Launch weekend we ran our first Theros Block event. This was very interesting, the diversity of decks and strategies. Green Blue had a strong showing and Blue White looked good. I thought Oscar's mono red, burn would top the day as it was so fast. This was not to be the case, Casimir's Fleecemane Lions got the job done going unbeaten and taking top spot.
It was a great day and while we had only a single winner, everyone else came second. Thank you for making our Launch events so much fun.

Sunday saw our mentored play afternoon getting busy. Tim's addition of red to this Green Centaurs deck speed it up considerably. It was fun to meet the new guys and playing casual against some of their older cards.

We have been asked if we can start the afternoon with a Mini-Master booster draft next week, so we are going to give that a go.