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Old News

News Till 14th April

This will be another deck building extravaganza, build an EDH deck within the Standard sets of Theros block, M15 and Khans Block.

Have fun this week, building your decks.

Rainbow Stairwell Deck construction
A Rainbow Stairwell deck must be exactly 60 cards, six cards from each of the five colors as well as six artifacts or colorless cards.
Only one copy of each card in the deck, with the exception of basic lands.
You must have one each, for each color, of cards with converted mana cost one through six. That is, you must have a staircase of cards starting at one mana and moving up to six, for each color.
Multicolored cards are not allowed.

The six artifacts or colorless cards also have converted mana cost one through six.
All Lands must tap for Mana. (Sorry no Wasteland)
Only 1 of any non-basic land.

More Addendum:
There are no 0 drops and nothing larger than 6 drops, the non-lands must have CMC from 1 - 6.
No cards with X in there CMC.