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saludo planeswalkers,

This weekends events:

10th October : Friday Night Magic, Khans of Tarkir Draft, $20.00. Registration from 5:30pm. Play starts at 6:00pm.

Saturday 11th - Themed Decks, $8.00, Fun Deck points for Closest to Theme, Fun to Play against and Strangest Cards.

Themed Decks should be 60+ cards, constructed decks, based on a strong theme. They can have any normal magic cards (legacy/kitchen table).

The winner of each match gets 1 point.
You rate your opponents deck.
How well did the deck follow its theme - 10 points
Was the deck fun to play against - 10 points
Magic has many strange themed cards, did you see new cards - 4 points
4 Rounds of Swiss, should give us a total of the possible 100 points per deck.

Sunday 12th - M-Series,  Kitchen Table, so bring your 60 Card Decks, Registration $5.00 per player: 12:30 play begins at 1:00pm

And we will have news of our players from the Ch-Ch event.

Billario and Christabel
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Chris & Bill
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(Nobody expects the spanish inquisition!)