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Old News

News Till 29th August

We will be selecting our Teams for the inter-store challenge, over the next week or 2. Remember to qualify for an Inter-store Team you currently need 200 DCI points earned at the store, so check the Plainswalker Points site, under the History tab.

We will also be choosing 3 players to travel to Christchurch to play in an upcoming event.

Congratulation to Team T&W for another great win! but it was a day of close games and hard won matches.

Other News:
Some people have had problems using the Contact link, we have now added a Contact Us web form. You can also email me directly with

All play at iLike Magic are played as part of our ongoing events. They are subject to the standard REL events rules, I'm highlighting player conduct and no homemade fakes. After the current Sunday off, we will be mapping out our Sunday program. ATM it looks to be Learn to Play, Ladder, Cube and Special Drafts.

There is only 1 Shop Rule at iLike Magic, Bill and Chris decide who plays here!