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News for 30th May - 2nd June 2014

Last week was busy and this weekend looks set to be chocked full of fun Magic.
Friday night saw Alex B with a difficult choice, 2 mythic cards in the same booster. Yes, we saw a foil Brimaz, what a draw, but paired with a Mogis, God of Slaughter, so unfair.
The games were also great fun, with Alex B also winning Pod 2. Over in Pod 1 a Planeswalker put in an appearance and Oscar won the day.

Saturday we had 2 different events, in Room 1 we had our Modern Event Deck release event, 8 great player (and me) battled it out. The final was a long nerve racking game, going 1 : 1 and finally Jun triumphed over Alex C. Thanks to everyone who made this a great event.
Over in Room 2 - EDH Commander, first an all in game, 7 decks battled. Next smaller groups battled and this lead to a final match. Congrats to Angus, Raven and Andrew. Krenco lasted a bit longer than normal, goblins get so much hate.

Sunday saw many casual games, older decks verse new, EDH and Themed. The day finished with a epic 2 Headed Giant game, Garth and Brendon v Daniel and myself. Running out of time we went all in and Bow of Nylea cleared the way for the final assault.

We thought Monday afternoon would be a quiet day for Magic, were we wrong. Thanks to Alex C for bringing his Cube. What an amazing draft, so many crazy, cool, over powered, cards. I think it would be safe to say we were all winners, get drafting then great games. Thank you.