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Old News

An old Weekly Report

What a great night, the feeling of camaraderie was great. A nice visit from Wizards, it was nice to thank WotC in person for all the help they have given us getting iLike Magic going. Thank you all for the support.

Vaughan had a great draft, he smacked me down Centaur Battlemaster with 3 heroic triggers. He keep going until stopped by Daniel. Well done Daniel for the hard fought 2-1 win.

Saturday Modern was a blast, I can feel myself getting sucked down this rabbit hole. A fun round robin with Alex in full command during the day.

Sunday started a little slow as the traffic from the Royals thinned, but the rest of the day was fun. EDH - 2 Headed Giant and ending with a 5 player EDH with more diplomacy than card drops.