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News till 16th June

I made some crazy and embarrassing errors, I blame my old eyes and feeble mind, but this added to the fun. I must be improving as “Kill Bill” was heard far too much. Over in Room 2 Dack Fayden made another appearance, what luck 2 Planeswalkers drafted, congrats to James and Chris. Also a special note to Calum for his exceptional draft! The games were able to be a little more relaxed and we worked towards having a final for all the 1st round winners.
These players received a small prize, and points in the iLike Magic Cup! Moving Raven into first place and James Mc into the Current Top 8. Tired and happy we finished up at 6:30pm.
Sunday, a well earned sleep in, then down the hill for Casual. Sunday is always interesting as we never know just who might arrive. We were very happy to meet new people and have many games over the afternoon, in all sorts of formats. We finished the day talking FRPG.
On to Monday, this is when I’m meant to get some work done, but you guys know me, always ready for a game or 2 and that’s how I spent most of Monday afternoon. Thanks to Allan for popping by and giving Callum someone new to challenge. Oh, I think I may have won 1 game during the afternoon, but a good trade for a card that’s been eluding me makes it a very good day, thanks!