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Jouney into Nyx Prerelease

As many of you know we are newly returned to playing Magic. We missed the Theros Prerelease as we were moving to Dunedin. We were very excited at the thought of sharing in the Born of the Gods Prerelease. We were sad to hear that there would not be one in Dunedin. We reached out to Invercargill but received no reply, we guessed they were full. Then the Magic shop closed and it was clear we would also miss the Journey into Nyx Prerelease too. What could we do?
As we worked towards the goal of getting this Prerelease for Dunedin we were repeatedly told it was too late. These event are booked months in advance. We had to become authorised Magic sellers, then reach a the next level, showing we had community support. Wizards needed to approve us as a special event. All very daunting, but with your support we were able to do it!
Having never been to a Prerelease we had no idea what we were doing, but we read all the booklets, studied online and asked around. And I think we did a good job. Sure there were a couple of hiccups along the way, but we learn from those. More Magic, more fun!
We had a lot on the line, my costings showed, if everything went as planed we could just cover our costs. Saturday, started with us stressed to the max. Vacancies from people who couldn't make it being filled by those waiting. As you all started to arrive and the place filled, we began to feel more confident. Then we discovered our first glitch, 2 no shows, phone calls, emails. Then I realised it was my fault, I must have entered them on the wrong day. Another quick stand-in and I got to play Magic, a silver lining.
Packs busted open. The games began, Magic. Decks where built. We broke for lunch. Casper having an amazing first event, great cards.
The afternoon event went great, with it coming down to the Wizards system deciding the top 4, placings were so close for so many Players. Cas had an outstanding day, Brendan was also at the top of his form. Mike played forward and capped off his day with an undefeated run from start to finish. Well done Mike!
The start to Sunday was just as stressed, with people arriving at a leisurely pace. We chased down some stragglers, and found space for our extras. 12:45 we had a full house, packs opened and decks built. Another fine afternoon of competition, 1 little data entry problem was quickly found and pairings swapped. Again the games were insanely close, with the 3rd and 4th spot being battled for by 6 players. Each new result tipping the balance. Jun and Ed's match was the big upset of the final with Jun breaking Ed's undefeated run. At the other table Paddy took the win. Paddy and Jun faced down for the finals. Another great game saw Paddy take the day.
Congratulations to all the players who came and made this our first and greatest Prerelease. Thank you!

We expected Friday night to be a quiet but you guys are full of surprises. We surmised that those who may come up to play would be those who had missed out on the Prerelease, and we were partially right. We decided, as a treat, we would do a sealed deck Limited using Born of the Gods, Intro packs. This went very well, and we had great games. Allan had made it back to his first FNM for many years but managed to prevail. Well done!