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News till 20th Nov

Luckily for me, many of the other players went off for lunch, and we agreed to have a second game, this time the deck just fired and I had my first match win. The final round was a mirror match with Brenden, I had been looking forward to this match and we had joked it would be in the final. Not quite, but still what a grinder, all 3 games. Then it came down the Ashiok milling Brenden as I held onto my last points of life.

The real finals came down to Alex C playing Chris driving her R/G deck, congratulations to Alex for winning the day and well done Chris for making it to the finals! Lots of great games, and sorry for holding up round 2.

Sunday M-Series was a lot of fun! Remember there is no age limits at iLike Magic, it is for both young players and old who wish have fun and learn to play better Magic.

We will have more Holiday Gift boxes in on Friday.