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Apr 2015

[iLike Magic] Games Day x2

Kia Ora Bill,

So many cards, so little time…

Yes, I’ve has been brewing again! Having a great time building my Standard Commander deck for Saturday 8)

So there’s another full-on weekend of Magic coming up at iLike, with TWO Game Days! Yes, that’s right, you guys all pitched in and helped us reach Advanced status, so we have the opportunity of 2 Game Day events.

Come to one, or better yet, come to both! Each event will cost $10 to enter. Registrations from 12:30 and we’ll aim to start play at 1pm on both Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday’s format is Standard Commander - multiplayer with our normal Commander rules, but every card in your deck must be in Standard: Theros, Born of the Gods, Journey Into Nyx, M15, Khans, Fate Reforged and Dragons cards are all options.

Sunday the format will be Standard. Standard Standard. Will you build a deck that saw play on the Pro Tour, or brew up your own? Your choice!

There won’t be an M-Series cube draft on Sunday, instead bring and play your Standard deck!

Chris & Bill
iLike Magic

News Till 14th April

Next Saturday is Rainbow Steps, and I’d like to explain this format a little more.

iLike Magic has a standing program of events. On each Saturday of the month we cycle through Standard, EDH and Modern. Most of us have set decks for these formats, we tweak them a little but they are mostly known. This is called the meta game. The second Saturday of the month gives us a break from this and moves the focus to our wider card collection and different deck building constraints. Rainbow Steps is just such a format, this week explore your collection and build a new type of deck.

Like all deck building you will want to look at the limits of the format and the new options it gives. A couple of obvious ones in this format are the limit of 5 colour decks and ensuring that the mana base is going to work. Something to remember all Lands must tap for mana, this closes out a few threats such as Wasteland, but also impacts cards like Urborg and the fetch lands. It is also a singular format so the consistency of the deck will be very low, how will you deal with this added randomness.

Also we will be building on this concept for Dragons of Tarkir Game Day the following Saturday, with an EDH “Standard” event. Read More...

[iLike Magic]

Kia Ora Bill,

Another short week! The long weekends are great for fitting in More Magic and having More Fun, but combined with daylight-savings-brain, I’m totally out of phase…

But I’m told we’re heading for the 2nd Saturday of the month…

That’s when we focus on building decks for and playing with unusual formats. So this weekend we’re featuring “Rainbow Stairwell”. This is a really interesting format, and deck-building details are on our web site:

Bill’s deck is almost ready, but I’m going to have a busy evening putting mine together!

While we’re talking about deck building… We’ve put together player requests and noted complaints that Game Day this month is superseding 3rd Saturday EDH/Commander, and while we know we can’t please everybody, we do have a Cunning Plan… Standard Commander…

That’s right - it’s Game Day, so we’re celebrating Standard generally, and Tarkir and Dragons particularly. But it’s Commander weekend, and as well as our large group of EDH players, there’s a lot of newer players looking forward to getting into Commander.

So that’s the challenge for Saturday 18th: Build a 100 card Commander deck using only cards that are in Standard: Theros and Khans Blocks plus M15. General Commander rules at

Finally, in answer to all those who have been asking, no, we haven’t received the Dragons Prerelease products yet. We will send out a separate email to let you know when they’re actually here!

Friday: FNM Booster draft, $20. Registration 5:30 for a 6pm start
Saturday: Rainbow Stairwell tournament, $8. Registration 12:30, play starts at 1
Sunday: $5, from 12:30 until 5.

See you here!

Chris & Bill
iLike Magic