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Aug 2014

Just a quick update from our lengthy call to Wizards of the Coast this week

Just a quick update from our lengthy call to Wizards of the Coast this week.
1. They are very happy with iLike Magic and you all! ( we are not in any trouble)
2. They affirmed that Chris and Bill are the only people who can decide what does or does not happen at our store and events.
3. We agreed that declaring a universal ban of “Casual” play did not send the message iLike Magic and WoC want to send to the wider community, but they fully understand the many issues that led to us making that call.
(Now the crunch)
4. Wizards expect us to eliminate disruptive behaviour by banning offenders from our store.

Thank you all for your support!

[iLike Magic] Fifth Friday Special Draft

Hi fellow Plainswalkers,

I’ll start with a big thank you for all the fun we had last Friday and Saturday!

Our troubles with those Sunday “Casual” players has escalated with “somebody” feeling they needed to report us to Wizards. Many of you will know where that came from. I would recommend you do what I’ve done: unsubscribe from that Facebook group.

If you would like to make your voice heard about iLike Magic before we have to explain ourselves Thursday morning, feel free to email

Lets keep it positive and have another great weekend of Magic...
Friday Night is the “Fifth Friday Special Draft”, $20.00. Registration from 5:30, Draft starts at 6pm
Saturday we have our Modern and EDH events, $8.00. Registration from 12:30, Events start at 1pm
AND on Sunday, the Ladder Finals, Learn to Play and if we’re good, Cube ($5). As an added bonus you might get to see Bill “spit the dummy”.

Thanks for your support, see you soon
Bill & Chris
iLike Magic
Dunedin

News till 21st August

A great FNM, a great Saturday, very discouraged with people on Sunday. Read More...

News Till 15th August

Friday's snow meant that we had to miss our first FNM since we started iLike Magic back in March, that's 20 Fridays in a row. Hope we make through the next 20 without more snow.

Saturday the sun came out and the roads where clear. Game Day was a go. This was going to be the first Tournament Event for many of our new player, exciting stuff. There were many great games, and decks. Andrews token deck just annihilated me, Raise the Alarm, then a double convoke of Spirits saw me dead in short order. Hamish's Gate deck also did well, only stopping when it meet Alex B's fast burn. Raven, and Chris J finished very strongly, but the winner's mat went to Alex C who controlled us all.

Sunday was quite as expected after the exceptional turnout last Sunday, but we still welcomed new players and had a nice relaxing day of Magic.

This week it's back to App building, and getting ready for the Khans prerelease. Read More...

[iLike Magic] Last Conspiracy Draft

Another Wintery Week, looking forward to a Magic weekend!

First off: FNM - M15 Draft
We have been doing a little research and think we have some fun ideas to help when our numbers don’t exactly fit 2 draft Pods. 
We will be introducing Team Drafting. There are 2 types, one where you know your team members before and the other where teams are decided after the draft. I’ll put up more details in the Friday Night Magic section of our site.

Saturday Magic
This Saturday will be our last full Conspiracy Draft (until the hinted at new set arrives). There should be some boosters left over and we will be using these as another option for Pod 2 when FNM numbers don’t make full Pods. 


News Till 7th August

So many highlights for this weekend, I'll just pick out a couple.

Friday Night Magic was fun, with Tim and myself moving into Pod 1, I think we'll both be back in Pod 2 next week , lol. We have been doing a lot of thinking about trying to ensure we have a great time at FNM, with our constrained space. We will be mixing it up a bit, but it will always be a draft format.

Saturday Conspiracy saw lots of games and there were 5 players through to the final, well done!

Sunday was a crazy afternoon. A huge THANK YOU, to all our regular players who made room and welcomed so many new players into the store. I'm very proud of how you all stepped up, while Chris and I played in Daniel's Conspiracy cube opening. And a reminder if you have a special Magic event that you want to invite friends or new players to, let us know and we will help host it. Read More...

Prerelease Photo Comp Photos

These can still be viewed over here... LINK

Game Day : Hunt Bigger Game

August 9th, Saturday 12:30pm - 5:00pm

Yes, we are and yes we will. It’s great saying yes. Yes, we are having a Game Day Tournament.
Yes it is also for new players who may not have played in a Wizards Sanctioned tournament before. Yes, it’s only $20.00 and you get a M15 Into Pack ($24.95) to augment your current deck. Yes, you can come in early, we will open at 11:00am, then trade, team up and share the cards from your Intro packs. You can use any cards that are “Standard” legal to build your deck.


[iLike Magic] M15 Game Day

Hi Planeswalkers,

This is an update for M15 Game Day. Everything should be great unless our parcels get hit by snow.

We have reserved your seat, thanks, and are looking forward to a great day with you

On Saturday we will be opening earlier: 11:00am. You are welcome to come in then to tweak your decks and explore your Intro Pack.

Remember, at this point in time Standard is at its biggest: your deck can include cards from Return to Ravnica, Gatecrash, Dragons Maze, M14, Theros, Born of the Gods, Journey into Nyx AND M15.

If you you have paid and given me your colour choice, Thanks and that’s all for now.

If you have yet to pay, read on...

to speed along the registration process you can make your payment in advance via internet banking: $20.00 with the reference Game Day to

Once your payment is made it’s time to choose your colours. With all the intro packs being dual coloured we should be able to give you one of your colour choices. Please, email me your preference.

You can review the intro pack deck lists and colours here:

You can also pay with cash at registration. Remember that we do not have EFTPos, but we do have Internet banking available.

iLike Magic] Game Day Weekend is here.

Hi Planeswalkers,

Friday FNM is M15 Draft, more cards for your Saturday decks.

We are now booking for Game Day, many of you have got your names down and we have ordered the Into Packs. Your packs are to help you flesh out your “Standard” decks, if you don’t need the cards for your deck that’s fine. You can always trade with those in need if you get here early enough.

I have now added a separate voting page for the Prerelease Photo Competition, I want to give out the prize boosters for this on Game Day, so get your votes in now! You can vote as often as you want, for as many photos as you wish.

See you soon,
Chris and Bill
iLike Magic

News Till 1st August

Just a quick short news this week, not because we didn’t have a full and busy weekend of magic but this morning I have been working on our App. Modern results were so close on Sunday. There was much chaos trying to work out the standings and we need the computer to do this quickly.

A great FNM with new players and great results, congrats to Tim for his first FNM Pod win.

Saturday was busy with a full EDH, and the Modern results were very even. So close I allocated additional iLike Magic Cup Points. It would be nice to see just a little more support from the wider Modern community, but because these are WPN Sanctioned events sorry we can not accept proxies. If you want to join us, Alex has kindly offered to help with cards and decks.

Sunday, we had our first Ladder final. Great fun, congrats to Alex, Andrew and Bill. The Ladder winners get iLike Cup Points! As always, we have made some tweaks to the rules. This should mean more games, more magic, more fun.