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News Till 20th August

Friday Night Draft was a fun night, and last chance to win the Promo Path to Exile. the good news is we have a few left over and we will be using these for additional prizes at our upcoming events.

Personally, I love Drafting. I find it’s one of the more exciting formats as a beginner to medium player. There is a great sense of community as you share the boosters with the group. The challenge of trying to find the right cards for your deck. It is very unusual to build the same deck. Then deck building and play is always new and dynamic. While a great Drafter has an advantage, there is always a chance that I might get an upset win, I really enjoy those match ups. And I get to keep the cards.
But regular Drafting can feel expensive, especially if there are 2 drafters in the family. I think of it in comparison to other evenings of entertainment. The cost of going to the movies, or an evening at the pub, going to hear a band, these are also fun and cost real money. We may not be able to do these things every week, but I encourage you all the do these things regularly. Put FNM on your entertainment schedule, come and Draft once in a while too, it’s fun.

For more information of Booster Drafting

[iLike Magic] Origins Game Weekend

Kia Ora Bill,

It’s been another busy week at iLike basecamp… For those of you following our drama, no, still no GigaTown. Sigh!

Fortunately, we don’t need fast internet to play Magic, so we’re all go for another great weekend of Magic fun. Please check our website for information about our different 2 Game Day events.

Sunday will be a relaxed event for young and emerging players. The serious competition and prizes will be for Saturday’s event.

Friday: Open from 12:30, FNM Origins Booster Draft. Registration 5:30, $20
Saturday: Origins Game Day - Major event. Format: Standard. Registration 12:50 for a 1pm start. $20
Sunday: Origins Game Day. Format: Standard. Registration 12:50 for a 1pm start, $5

See you here!

Chris & Bill
iLike Magic

News Till 4th August

What a great FNM, Modern Masters draft was fun, with a last minute swop around meant I was able to jump in too. Remember we have a bookings page up at the store so if you want to join in next month, pop in and put your name down. there is only a single pod each month. We also have a special discount if you also attend another FNM event.

Oh, and yes Alex pulled a Mox Opal so I now only have 1 to find. Glimervoids and Arcbounds are high on my wish list too.

Round Robin Modern with a little Standard to help make up numbers. A fun afternoon and friendly competition. Thanks Chris, Harry and Brenden. And congratulations Harry for winning all your games.

Sunday was a fun afternoon. Thanks to everyone helping Max learn EDH. Also, thanks to Callum and Tony for helping get the store EDH decks back to being usable. Read More...