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Dec 2014

[iLike Magic] Interplanar Greetings - Open as usual! - Friends is Far Places - M-Series is on Sunday

Kia Ora Bill,

A great weekend was had by all, with some awesome Commander beat-downs on Monday to finish it off.

We only have three correct entries in the Holiday Gift Box competition. Some of the decks have really challenged people, so we’re allowing everyone to have another attempt at getting in the draw… Get to the site, read the deck lists, and pick the names for the decks!

Wishing you a most excellent Christmas!

The store will be open from 12:30 as usual this weekend… This will be the last opportunity for local players to earn points in the iLike Magic Cup!

Friday 26th (Boxing Day), from 6 in the evening we’ll be drafting Khans boosters. The mythics just keep on putting in their appearances!

Saturday 27th is our last Standard event of the year. We’ve seen some interesting decks being tested, now its time to put them to work… As usual, $8, registration at 12:30 for a 1pm start.

Sunday 28th will be M-Series as usual.

Take care, travel safely, and remember you have one final chance at earning points in the iLike Magic Cup by correctly guessing the deck names in the Holiday Gift Box competition!


[iLike Magic] - This Weekend - Holiday Points! - Khans Uncommons are In!

Kia Ora Bill,

Another great weekend of Magic fades into history, and we’re poised for the next… Follow the action on our website:

- - Reminder about this weekend’s events:

* Friday, Khans of Tarkir Draft, $20. Registration by 5:30 for a 6pm start.
* Saturday, EDH/Commander, $8. Can you make it to the winners table? Register at 12:30 for a 1pm start. Remember that you need to use the same deck throughout the event!
* Sunday, M-Series, $5. Pack Wars then Khans Peasant Cube Draft.

- - We’ve been surprised by how challenging the Holiday Gift Box competition has been. And we’ve had a bit of an issue with our website hiding the links to the deck lists, so we’re giving our travelling folk the opportunity to have another couple of tries to see if you can match the titles to the decks.

- - We had a great afternoon at M-Series last Sunday. MultiPlayer Pack Wars is a thing! Hamish managed to hold on to his lead in the Cup points, but the pressure is mounting.

We had a good draft with the Khans Cube. This week we’re adding uncommon into the cube, to allow you to experiment with some additional strategies in Khans.

And of course, the real challenge: impress your opponents with great deck building and awesome play to gain the prize for Planeswalker of the Day!

M-Series Cup Points can be checked at

News till 11th Dec

Just a quick run through last weekend,

FNM was great and we’re still getting a full pod each week. This makes for a fun evening. With only one pod the competition is harder, as we have a wide range of experience. This is good but can be a bit daunting. It’s nice to see Andrew and James always in the hunt for top spot. Last week Ed took top spot.

Saturday was a blast, and lots of hilarity. Theme format is worth the $8.00 just in entertainment value. Thank you once again to Oscar who’s stella performance had us all in fits of laughter. Andrew and his deck also kept us laughing. All the decks where great, so good in fact we decided to have a competition, name all the decks and go into the draw for a Holiday Gift Box. (I will also grant 3 iLike Magic Cup points to each player who gets it right)

Sunday we had the Santa Parade and it was very quiet in the playrooms. What better time to try out the Decks in the new Anthology. What did we find? These decks are well matched against there other deck, but they are not well matched across the whole set of 8 decks. Elves v Goblins is a good match up, but Elves v Demons saw the Elves blast the Demons into Hades.

Monday, we had a great afternoon playing EDH, thanks Cas for dropping by. If you can’t get away to play Magic over the busy holiday weekend, remember I’m at the store from 12:30pm Mondays.

We are also well stocked up with Holiday Magic, Intro Decks, Commander, Fat Packs, Holiday Gift Boxes and if anyone needs gift vouchers, let me know and I’ll print one out. Read More...

[iLike Magic] Magic News this Week World Wide Coverage M-Series

Greetings Bill,

Before we review last weekend and look at what’s coming up this weekend, a heads-up for the next big event on Magic’s calendar: Fate Reforged!

Fate Reforged (FRF) is the small set that we’ll be drafting with the Khans of Tarkir set until March. Fate Reforged tells the key part of the story, as Sarkhan and Sorin set the scene for the return of the Dragons of Tarkir.

PreRelease for Fate Reforged with be Saturday and Sunday 17th and 18th. Seats are limited for these events, and as you know, it doesn’t take long for us to sell out. So get yourself to
and book your place!

Of course, the next big event on everyone’s calendar is Christmas. We have gift solutions suitable for Magic Players of all ages. We can even take orders and supply Gift Certificates by email: let your significant others know they can email to get you sorted!



News till 4th Dec

November is coming to a close and Christmas is right around the corner. It's time for us to stock up for the holiday season.

FNM was fun with another new player finding his way to our store. Thanks to everyone who gave Will a warm welcome, it's never easy joining a new play group but you guys are so welcoming. The draft went well, after taking some time to randomise the seating, fare's fair. Swiss is a hard scoring system, costing Mark a place in the final because of a single game loss. But well done to Ed and Andrew having a clean sweep into top spot, Andrew took the night and the final Brain Maggot (just had to get that into the report). The end of Movember will see those men who supported this cause heading for a razor, well done supporting this great cause.

Saturday we moved on to Modern, and again we are indebted to Alex and everyone who loaned cards to make these desks simply fantastic. My first outing with Birthing Pod was a washout, but it was fun and I always felt I was in with a chance. The upset of the day was Chris piloting BW tokens to the top place, 4 match wins, well done and congratulations. This moves her up in the Magic Cup placing!

Sunday was busy with Chris in the role of Rabblemaster, but we shanghaied some of her M-Series players to join in on James Birthday Draft, it was a great afternoon of Drafting, Packwars,  and EDH, thanks James for letting us share this with you.

Next week December!

News till 27th Nov

Friday night drafting was fun and it great to meet up with our local students who are finishing up their exams.

Saturday EDH was extreme with our rounds getting harder and harder. While Joe played extra fair in the last round, I was the meanie and started the killing. Oscar we on to win the day, well done everyone!

M-Series is growing and we had a full house for the Theros Pauper Cube Draft. If you are new to Magic or just want to get some relaxed games in on a Sunday, M-Series is for you. $5.00, for a Khans booster and an afternoon of sanctioned Magic what a deal. Read More...