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Feb 2015

News till 12th Febuary

iLike Magic is sponsoring 7 players to the PPTQ this weekend, we wish them well. Have fun and play safe.

We have settled on a date for our birthday/prize giving celebrations. Saturday, March 14th - 2015. Mark and James Me, Joe and James S will need to think about their finals, we need a when and what format, to get this happening.

Both James S and Joe will get a prize night draft for their efforts, it’s only the pods/sets that are being decided.

It’s great to catch up with all our students coming home, we look forward to lots of great fun and Magic.

If you missed the latest email or want to re-read some older news there is a link at the bottom of this page - Read More, it’s all archived in there.

Game Day all weekend.

[iLike Magic] - Fate Game Day Events

Kia Ora Bill,

It’s been great to have so many familiar faces return to Dunedin over the last couple of weeks, and really cool to make lots of new friends as well.

There’s a huge weekend of Dunedin Magic coming up: good luck to everyone taking part in the various events. In particular best wishes to those playing Modern at the PPTQ on Saturday.

This weekend at iLike:
Friday evening: FNM Booster Draft, $20
Saturday afternoon: Game Day Standard, $8
Sunday afternoon: Bonus Standard Event, $8

If you have registered online for any of our events this weekend, we will ensure your seat is held for you. Please let us know if for some reason you are unable to make it.

Friday’s FNM Booster is Fate Reforged / Khans of Tarkir / Khans of Tarkir. $20, registration 5:30pm, draft begins at 6.

Saturday is our main Game Day event. The Champion playmat is particularly awesome, and the promos are great too. And still at our regular price of $8. Register at 12:30 for a 1pm start.

Sunday we’re holding a bonus event, so that those who want to play Modern at the PPTQ don’t miss out on their Standard. $8 Registration at 12:30, play will start at 1.

See you here!

News till 5th Febuary

The excitement of Prerelease behind us we all looked forward to getting our hands on more Fate Reforged.

Friday Night Magic we had a full house for draft, 2 pods. We opted for 2 Fates and a single Khans. It was fun to see the new cards but even I could see Fates is a small spicy set and needs the veg and potato of Khans.

Saturday we had a sealed event with the new Intro Packs. These decks are made for a more balanced event. A lot of fun, there are some really good cards in the new packs. I went for the Hornet Queen deck, while Brenden won the day with the same deck I finished well down the list. Just goes to show it’s all about skill.

Sunday was jammed with Magic. We we with a variant of 2 Headed Giant and the drafting was really good. The matches went a lot slower than expected. I thought the shared mana pool would speed games along. Not really. I got a bit confused at one point and made a miss play, poor James and Will. They didn’t let me forget it. Sorry guys.

Later a small group who had cached their prize M15 boosters used these for a draft. It was a little frightening to see how many cards I had already forgotten. A great draft and games to followed. Thank you all for sharing your hard earned prizes with us.

Monday afternoon was more Magic fun sharing the afternoon with Rick from Melbourne, a visitor from Palmerston North and some of our local players. EDH, Standard and even a splash of Modern. Thanks for a great Launch Weekend.

For those wondering about the YouTube video, FP is one of our younger M-Series players. Very entertaining, (and informative) Read More...

[iLike Magic] Now and Then

Kia Ora Bill,

Another great weekend of Magic, thanks to everyone for welcoming Richard and giving him a good thrashing 8)

Sorry this email is late, new computer game has been taking up our evenings! Remember, our website always has what’s coming up, as well as the outline of the schedule for Saturdays’ Formats…

This weekend, Magic as usual:
Friday: Fate/Khans booster draft begins at 6. $20 - 1 Fate, 2 Khans boosters, registration 5:30
Saturday: First Saturday of the month, so it’s Standard. Play starts at 1pm, registration 12:30. $8
Sunday: M-Series from 12:30, $5

Looking forward to the weekend of 13-15th…
A few months ago, when the Wizards system was accepting bookings for Fate Reforged special events, we booked Games Day to be on, well, Games Day: Saturday 14th.
Unfortunately, this worked out to be the day that Grant booked MegaZone’s PPTQ. So while we’re still holding our official Games Day Event on the 14th, we’re going to have Standard again on Sunday 15th, so that those who want to play Modern at the PPTQ don’t miss out on their Standard.

Because there will be a lot of visitors in town over the the weekend of 13-15th, BOOKINGS WILL BE ESSENTIAL for all three events: we don’t want you guys to miss out, so get online and book Read More...