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Jan 2015

For the Trouble Makers

Wow, sometimes life surprises us.

This post is a continuation of a post I made some time ago about, Who we run events for. (Old Posts)

I want to be very clear as there is still confusion out there in Dunedin. Playing Magic, Trading or just hanging out at our playrooms is a privilege. We welcome new players, young and old, novice or experienced.

BUT if you prove to be a trouble maker, unsavoury, unhelpful, or unsanitary (among other things) you will not be welcomed back. We remember people, it’s what we are good at, and we remember the kindness, positive support, help and advice. We also remember those who lie about us, bad mouth us and undermine our efforts.

Dunedin is fortunate, we have 2 Magic stores, if you have issues with us, or think we might have issues with you, please don’t waste your time coming to our store. To be clear your iLike privileges are gone, we won’t make room for you.

If you think you may have lost your privileges because of your associations and would like to address that with us, you can contact us and we will make a time to sit down with you and discuss your involvement, one to one. Read More...

News till 22nd January

What a fantastic weekend!

Friday Night magic was fun with a single pod. Drafting went well and it was fun to introduce young visitors from Wellington to the format. While they couldn’t join us due to time constrains, their enthusiasm was infectious. Their overheard parting comment “Mum, this is the friendliest Magic shop we have ever been to” high praise indeed. Thank you to all who where there and making it so welcoming.

We went on to enjoyed a relaxed evening of magic. Friday was a nice break from the frantic preparation for the Prerelease.

Up early on Saturday morning, putting the final touches on, almost ready. Soon people started arriving and they pitched in too. Almost $1,000 worth of prizes for the weekend. Uncommonly Good, Pack Wars, Spot Prizes, Name the Set and of course the main Swiss competition. All organised and ready.

The day went smoothly and everyone had great picks and fun matches.

Getting up on Sunday morning, we were ready to do it all again. And it was a privilege to share the day with the lads from Oamaru and Omri from Israel. It was a fun day, if a little warm at times. Well done Brenden for your well deserved win.

The lucky picks for the weekend, Raven with 2 Ugin, the Spirit dragon. Wow. Read More...

[iLike Magic] News Summary - Launch Weekend Events

Halloa Bill,

The Fate Reforged Prerelease is now behind us and we look forward to launch weekend.

Although this is a small set we will be giving it pride of place over the weekend.

This is the last day to get your prepaid preorders in for Fate Reforged Buy a Box and Fat Packs. If you would like one of these please email us or use our online store

Friday: Launch Draft, $20, registration 5:30
Saturday: Intro Pack Sealed, $20, registration 12:30
Sunday: 2 Headed Dragon, $15 each, registration 12:30

Because Launch Weekend activities continue on Sunday, there will be no M-Series as such, but emerging players are more than welcome to join us for Saturday and Sunday’s events.

We have the Sandsteppe Mastodon promo foil for all weekend participants, while stocks last.

As a special for this Friday Night Magic Fate Reforged Launch we are going to draft 2 pack of Fate and only 1 (not 11) of Khans. This is a one off draft, next week we will be back to 1 Fate and 2 Khans packs.

Saturday we have our special sealed Intro Pack event. This is like a mini Prerelease for $20.00. You receive an Intro Pack, which includes 2 boosters. From these cards you build a 40 Card Deck. You can find the deck lists online ( ). If you have a Clan preference please email us, ASAP.

Sunday we have more Fate Reforged goodness, 2 Headed Giant Draft with a twist. We’re calling it 2 Headed Dragon: the same as 2HG but each team has a shared mana pool. This means it will be insanely fast and we will see some very large dragons. I think it will be fun. $15.00 per person, and you keep the cards you draft, or split them with your team mate however the two of you agree.

We’re looking forward to having you back with us soon. Remember that you can get special Preorder prices on sealed product from our online store if you order and pay today.

We can courier your product tomorrow afternoon, or hold it in the vault for you until you return. Read More...

News till 15th

New Document…

After spending the morning typing up my point of view on Dunedin Magic, I’m not posting it. Why not?that’s simple, 1,600 words, and that’s me trying to be brief. LOL.

So what news, FNM was great with many of us starting to get a good handle on the set, this FNM will be the last Khans only draft. I think on Launch night we are going to start with Khans and 2 Fates, I know this is wrong but we’re all keen to get our hands on these new cards and see how they play.

Saturday was a blast, thanks Ben for coming over and bringing Michel who had a well deserved win. I’m very pleased with our Standard decks, a lot of thought, trading and sharing has gone into them. Now we begin rebuilding.

Sunday was quiet with School holidays in full swing. Did someone say EDH? yeah, lots of EDH.

Monday was nice, some casual Standard all afternoon, just what I needed after an insane week of moving house. Thanks George, I needed that!

We look forward to the Prerelease and Launch Weekend, new cards and lots of fun. Read More...

[iLike Magic] - This Weekend - M-Series

Kia Ora Bill,

It’s that time of year again…

Spoilers are complete, courier drivers have been taught our new address, packs have been checked, prizes have been sorted, games devised… it’s time for a Prerelease!

Please note: No M-Series this weekend, because of the Prerelease!

What’s happening at iLike this weekend…
16th - Friday Night Magic, 5:30 registration
Gameplay begins at 6:00pm, $20.00. This will be the last Khans-Khans-Khans Draft!

17th - Fate Reforged Prerelease, Sold Out
10:00am - 5:30pm : A full day of Magic

18th - Fate Reforged Prerelease,
10:00am - 5:30pm : A full day of Magic

We hope you’ve had an excellent holiday break, and are refreshed and relaxed and ready to return to Dunedin soon.

Remember, there will be NO M-Series this weekend! It’s time to put your knowledge and skills to the test in the Fate Reforged Prerelease.

Chris & Bill
iLike Magic

News till 9th January

The New Year begins, and it will be a fun filled Magic year. We are looking forward to a great line of new releases and new sets of older cards as the year moves forward.

Friday Night Magic began and as a special treat we did a Intro Pack sealed event. I soon became clear that many of you have strong clan preferences. With the Fate Reforged Prerelease almost here we need to start collection your clans for the prerelease. Look for details in this Wednesday's email. Garth started the year with the first iLike Cup points for the FNM win.

Saturday saw our first EDH event. This was great, it's interesting to see the strong 2 player decks struggle with the big final match up. James gets a but thumbs up, while failing to win in the smaller matches he got to decide the final placements. Congrats to Chris who's Elves just kept on coming, and David and Zurgo. A great day of Magic. Thanks everyone.

Sunday and M-Series is ticking along. With just a handful of players we settled on EDH for the format. Finishing the day with a game of EDH Emperor, chaos ensued, and we finally scooped against the combined might of Ed, Chris and Andrew.

[iLike Magic] - Reforging Fate - This Weekend - The Clans are Gathering... - M-Series

Kia Ora Bill and All Dragons and Khans,

The Fate Reforged Prerelease is upon us.

It is now time to select your clans and make your payments, please. More details about the PreRelease events are on our site.

As you know we only have just enough packs for those who can come. It’s important to get your payment and clans picks to us promptly: we allocate packs in payment order.

Please mark your payment FRF PR and deposit it to:
03 0846 0123469 26 (That’s Westpac Greymouth)
The prerelease packs are $40 each

Please email us with details of your payment and your clan choice.

An unfortunate cancellation has made one last seat available for Saturday. Sunday is filling up. If you haven’t made your booking yet, now is the time. Please visit our web page and book your seat.
We don’t want you to miss out.

This Weekend:
FNM on Friday
Standard on Saturday
M-Series on Sunday

Thanks everyone for your support!

Coming up at iLike Magic this Weekend…

FNM on Friday, Khans draft $20, 5:30 registration for a 6pm start
Standard on Saturday, $8, registration from 12:30 for a 1pm start
M-Series on Sunday from 12:30, $5

We are sad you may not be back to Dunedin in time to join us this Prerelease but I’m sure you will have great fun at whichever Prerelease you get to! Please take some photos and post them on FB or send them through to us, we would love to see how your Prerelease Day goes.

For those who can’t get to a Prerelease at all, and would like a prerelease pack, please let Bill know your interest in case we have 1 or 2 left over.

See you after 12:30 on Sunday for lots of fun with Pack Wars and the Khans cube. Bring your decks along too!

Chris & Bill
iLike Magic

Holiday Gift Box Competion

Holiday Gift Box

Decks and Results

News till 1st Jan 2015

Happy Boxing Day
I have updated all the Magic Cup points and this is the current standings going into the final weekend of the year. Good Luck.

Merry Christmas.

One last weekend to earn iLike Magic Cup points. Friday Night Magic and Saturday Standard, for those in the M-Series Sunday is your last day.

For those who have not entered in the Holiday Gift Box competition get your entries in. For those who have maybe you should have another try as we currently only have 3 correct guesses. People are having problems with 3 of the decks, that’s all the clues I can give.

Have a great day!
Bill and Chris