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Jul 2014

News Till 25th July

Friday afternoon, Launch Weekend began early with this being the last day of the school hols. There were a few changes on the Ladder during the afternoon. Then onto FNM, we were packed! and learnt a few lessons on how to run larger events. Next time we get this many we will use swiss for the larger Pod and not make a small 3rd Pod.
Saturday was our first 2 Headed Giant event and we decided it would be draft. This was a blast, lots of whispered strategies as the 2 decks grew. Again numbers meant we switched to swiss and Chris did a great job of pairings, thank you! This week I'll be working on our App to do the pairings and this should speed up moving to rounds 3 and 4. The matches were very even and Tim and I had a chance to stop Andrews and Cas's ascent, but they made short work of us, with 2 zip result. They then went on to the finals which was far closer, coming down to the last play. Well done Callum and James. This brings James to just below the top 8 in the iLike Magic Cup.


The Prerelease is done and we now look forward to the M15 Launch Weekend, next weekend!

Friday, thinking it was going to be a quite night we had stand-by plans for the last Theros Draft. How wrong we were. Soon after arriving on Friday lunchtime players began arriving. New people finding us for the first time and familiar friends. Games began and we swopped formats as we went. By 6:00 both rooms were full and we had great final drafts. There was a lot of fun as Charging Badger wheeled.

Saturday and Sunday on to the Prerelease. My head is still in a whirl, so many great cards, so many great games. Every Planeswalker! A special thank you to Mark and Alex for being our go to people for rulings on the new cards. I can't say more, you just had to be there.

A special Thank You, to all of you for making it an unforgettable weekend.

Prerelease Timetable

I think I covered the time table and prize structure last email, but I do want to make one thing clear. Like all our Prerelease Events you are free to arrive when you would like, and take part in only the events you wish to, we want it to be your choice. But there is no “prize boosters” for attending, if you are not here at the time of a challenge, or choose not to take part in a challenge, then you will not be eligible for the prize.


News till 11th July

With the excitement of M15 Prerelease building, it been a fun weekend of Magic.

Friday afternoon casual quickly turned into FNM, with a blur of spells and creatures. We were just short of a full house and new drafters keep things interesting. One thing we noticed, being the end of Theros and most of us have the cards we want, there was very little value drafting and the resulting decks were the better for this. Ed's footy practice was rained off so he was able to pop in and win Pod 1. Casper had an exceptional draft and built a real powerhouse of a deck, well done. We will miss him this weekend as he takes school holidays in Ch-Ch.

Saturday was our first Team Event, this was amazing. I surpassed every hopes for this new event. The deck building was an excellent lesson for all players, teaching different skills and sharing ideas. Then onto the matches, OMG, what a competition. Down to the wire, the final match blow for blow, and Raven and Andrew being advised play for play. Team T&W took the prize, but for 9 matches to be so close was a testament to the quality of players we have on the teams! If you are not a part of a Team find/form one now as we will be having another Team Event very soon! Read More...

News till 3rd July

Friday afternoon began with the assembly of Garruk. What a beast the 8 foot that’s 2.5 meters, axe wielding Planeswalker. Then on to casual until FNM.

FNM was a good crowd, with a large draft. We welcomed James to his first draft and Oscar lent him a helping hand. It was a hard first pairing and second round didn’t get any easier, nearly everyone one had every even matches. Then on to the final games. Mark took the top spot but Andrew also scooped some iLike Magic Cup points.

Saturday was school social night for many of our players, I know they had a great night in Hollywood. Meanwhile back in the trenches the battles continued. Modern had a full table and it was great to have 3 visitors from the far north to share in our (not surprise) birthday event. Again I was completely out of my depth, fried by mountains, time warped and out drawn, and finally demolished with a huge Eldrazi. Others did better with Bruno with Affinity taking the top spot.
Over in the other room EDH + conspiracy cards turned out to be a bad idea. It simply made to far too easy to get those killer combos out. So that idea was abandoned and they returned to standard EDH. Angus took another win, that’s 2 in row, Andrew and Cas grabbed 2nd spot, this moved Andrew into 1st place for the iMC. Read More...