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Jul 2015

News Till 25th July

Launch weekend was a fun weekend!

FNM had 2 full pods and we drafted Origins for the first time. This is going to be a fun set to draft, with lots of deck types. There were also a good number of Planeswalkers opened.

Saturday we played Intro Pack sealed. This was also full with 10 players building 40card decks from the 10 Intro Packs. Green/Black Elves was very strong but it was a close battle. Ben M and Garth had a very close battle for first. Congratulations to Garth for winning the day.

Sunday we had our Origins 2 Headed Draft, this is a fun format. The draft takes a while but it’s great fun opening 6 boosters and building 2 decks. The games were also close, we battled hard with Rogues Passage saving our bacon. Brenden and I faced Callum and Chris P in the final, there decks and play was just too good, congratulations!

Next week we have 2 drafts at Friday Night Magic, there will be the Modern Masters Draft which is fully booked, and an Origins Draft for the rest of us. This will be a great night. Fingers crossed for a Mox Opal. Read More...

News Till 7th July

Hi guys, we wanted to let everyone know we are not hiring the extra room for the Origins Prerelease. Player numbers have been way down at the store and we think this will be a very small prerelease.

If you haven’t booked your seat and want to attend please book ASAP as there may be a last minute rush. Book here…

Also the MM2 draft was great with a full pod.

Saturday’s Modern was fun with the decks doing very well. Thanks to all the players who made it to this event. We’re getting better. Read More...