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Jun 2014

News till 27th June

TL:DR I’ll try and make this section a lot shorter. It’s hard because there is so much fun Magic happening, I’m sure I could fill pages with all the interesting games we have.

Friday started with some fun EDH before bringing out the Theros Block decks. These decks are really starting to fire, it will be very interesting to see what decks get built in the upcoming teams event.

Saturday was Conspiracy and I had a surprising win, due to the top players destroying each other and I was left standing in the smoldering ruins. Brendon milled Cas who then killed Brendon while waiting for his next draw, then Hamish almost killed Raven but getting mowed over in the backlash, while I managed to fly over top to finish Raven. A crazy ending to a fun afternoon of Magic.

News till 19th June

Some times I look back on our weekends and it just a blur of fun Magic, so if I get some of the details wrong please forgive me. We started Friday afternoon with friendly games of Pauper, and new players. Soon others arrived and EDH and Standard decks rolled out. 6:00pm arrived and we welcomed 4 new players to FNM, luckily we had a couple of spare decks to make available. Not drafting is a problem for new players, so we’re returning to drafts after next Friday. The Standard games went really well with some amazing decks. A great night and well earned victories for Mark and James.

Saturday Conspiracy we a blast (again) and lots of new players both to the store and to drafting. It was exciting to have so many players drafting Conspiracy around Dunedin. Facebook gave us regular updates from the other events. Drafting went well, many who had drafted last week had a plan, but as so often happens with draft these just go out the window with the first booster. Drafting a Dack from my second booster completely crashed my plan. But others did well. Elephants… Lessons learnt from last week also resulted in a smooth running event and a great final. I watched the final while the others played a mammoth game in the other room. The final was tense with Silent Arbiter holding the building armies at bay. Joe was the first to go, slowly beaten down. Read More...

News till 16th June

So much Magic, so little time. Friday afternoon began with casual EDH, early afternoon and soon switched to deck testing for next FNM Standard. As the afternoon rolled on more and more players arrived to ensure their place in the first Conspiracy draft. This was exciting! 6:00pm and the rooms where full to bursting (again). The draft was insane, all sorts of drafting shenanigans, but it all worked like clockwork and we moved to deck building. Many of us just had no idea of the strategies but others had already settle on a master plan. I think Andrew had collected all the Will of the Council cards in our pod. On to the games, and more fun ensued. These games run long, and we confirmed our suspicion that Friday night is just not long enough, but we battled on. Some even fitting in 3 games. As we finished cleaning up I was surprised to see it was 10:30pm a long night of More Magic, more fun.
Saturday began with texts and players waiting at the doors. Please peoples check this site for start times and events, other sites may have the details wrong! Only this site is the final word on what is happening at iLike Magic.
So people started arriving early and all sorts of games began while we waited for 1:00pm. Again, all seats were full and drafting began. Most of us had a plan, and as is often the case when everyone has a plan, they just didn’t work out. Read More...

News till 9th June

Last week was busy and this weekend looks set to be chocked full of fun Magic.
Friday night saw Alex B with a difficult choice, 2 mythic cards in the same booster. Yes, we saw a foil Brimaz, what a draw, but paired with a Mogis, God of Slaughter, so unfair.
The games were also great fun, with Alex B also winning Pod 2. Over in Pod 1 a Planeswalker put in an appearance and Oscar won the day.

Saturday we had 2 different events, in Room 1 we had our Modern Event Deck release event, 8 great player (and me) battled it out. The final was a long nerve racking game, going 1 : 1 and finally Jun triumphed over Alex C. Thanks to everyone who made this a great event.
Over in Room 2 - EDH Commander, first an all in game, 7 decks battled. Next smaller groups battled and this lead to a final match. Congrats to Angus, Raven and Andrew. Krenco lasted a bit longer than normal, goblins get so much hate.

News for 30th May - 2nd June 2014

Last week was busy and this weekend looks set to be chocked full of fun Magic.
Friday night saw Alex B with a difficult choice, 2 mythic cards in the same booster. Yes, we saw a foil Brimaz, what a draw, but paired with a Mogis, God of Slaughter, so unfair.
The games were also great fun, with Alex B also winning Pod 2. Over in Pod 1 a Planeswalker put in an appearance and Oscar won the day. Read More...

A Place for Old News

I have been deleting our old news and announcements as I wrote new entries. But now they have a place to go! from now on I will move them into here, so they will be saved for prosperity. All the other entries with this date are old copies I found. Read More...

Last Weeks Report

Friday Night Magic was packed house and that’s 2 weeks in a row we have hit our limit. Thanks to Chris for letting me take the extra games, though I may have done better if I took the byes. Pod 1, had a good draft with most players finding strong colour pairs, with 1 keen player opting to splash for a 3rd. Both pods had a tough match up on round 2 that slowed down play. This was all good as we had our new stocks of boxes, sleeves, binders and other cool goodies arrive. Then back to the finals and Mark held to his win. Read More...

Jouney into Nyx Launch Weekend

Launch Weekend is now done and dusted. With Chris away I thought we would just cruse through and relax after the pressure of Prerelease.
Friday afternoon started with people arriving to tweak and test their Theros Block constructed decks. Soon EDH began and we played through to Friday Night Magic. FNM was a full house, nice to have our travellers back after the holidays. I was also great to have our new Drafters returning. Drafting is a fun format, especially when you know the basics and want to take both your Standard and card collection to the next level. Read More...

An End of Pre-Registration

An End of Pre-Registration

As you all know we are always trying to improve our events for you. After a couple of months trial, it is clear we do not currently require a pre-registration system. This is good as that's one less thing we all have to worry about. The downside is we will not know beforehand how many players to expect at an event.

We will however still require booking for special events such as Prerelease and Game Days, so check back often to ensure your place in upcoming events. Read More...

An old Weekly Report

What a great night, the feeling of camaraderie was great. A nice visit from Wizards, it was nice to thank WotC in person for all the help they have given us getting iLike Magic going. Thank you all for the support.

Vaughan had a great draft, he smacked me down Centaur Battlemaster with 3 heroic triggers. He keep going until stopped by Daniel. Well done Daniel for the hard fought 2-1 win.

Saturday Modern was a blast, I can feel myself getting sucked down this rabbit hole. A fun round robin with Alex in full command during the day.

Sunday started a little slow as the traffic from the Royals thinned, but the rest of the day was fun. EDH - 2 Headed Giant and ending with a 5 player EDH with more diplomacy than card drops. Read More...

Jouney into Nyx Prerelease

As we worked towards the goal of getting this Prerelease for Dunedin we were repeatedly told it was too late. These event are booked months in advance. Read More...