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Jun 2015

[iLike Magic] Origins Prerelease Bookings are On Line

Kia Ora Bill,

First up, the Origins Prerelease Booking page is up…
Seats are limited, so get to

As usual, the Prerelease is $40 per player. As well as a great day of Magic, you’ll get an Origins Prerelease Pack. There are 5 different packs, each linked to a Magic colour. We’ll ask you to send us your colour choices soon…

Each pack contains:
- 6 Magic Origins booster packs
- 7-card seeded booster pack, including a stamped promo card
- Story booklet
- 1 Spindown life counter

There will be activities to start the morning off, then you’ll have time to build a 40 card deck from your Prerelease pack ready to start play at 1pm, when we’ll play 4 rounds of Swiss.

Before then, of course will be more “normal” weekends of iLike Magic… Last weekend’s PlaneChase chaos was great fun, and ruled the day on Sunday as well… This weekend it’s back to EDH/Commander. We still have a few C13 decks in store - for $45, these are a great way to get a solid core of cards to build your Commander deck around.

Friday from 12:30. Registrations 5:30 for a 6pm Draft: Dragons/Dragons/Fate, $20
Saturday is EDH / Commander. Registrations from 12:30 for a 1pm start. $10.
Sunday M-Series, $5 (includes a booster). Bring your decks and your friends!

See you here!
Chris & Bill
iLike Magic

News Till 16th June

It’s great to see the changes in the Magic Cup points.

Sorry for falling behind, my system does need Chris in the mix, but we are all caught up and what a close run it’s becoming.

Friday Night Magic a win for Garth moved him up into the tiebreaker spot on the Modern Masters pod, that’s 3 of us battling for this place. Friday was a great night’s play and Garth a well earned win.

Saturday’s Standard saw Andrew move into first place overall with a Heroic win (see what I did there) and Davis T came in with a well earned second, moving him up into the standing for the second pod.

I will be very interesting to see how these placing battled out over the next few months.


In the next week we will be organising the Origin’s Pre-release bookings page. We have decided that we are not going to repeat the scale of the Dragons of Tarkir Pre-Release. It was fun to run the “biggest” Magic Event held in Dunedin, but we think iLike Magic is better suited to running smaller events. No extra room hire, less running up and down stairs, less panic over booking errors. Lest stress, more fun, that’s why we play Magic after all. I thank Chris for her effort, and we both look forward to playing in our prerelease events.

So look out for the bookings notification to secure your place in the Origin’s Pre-release! Read More...

[iLike Magic] Final orders please...

Kia Ora Bill,

First up, Wizards is taking M15 and Theros block off the shelves, so you only have a week or so to get any final orders in. Email Chris @

On to this weekend’s fun… Its the 2nd Saturday of the month, and that’s the day we explore strange and interesting places and formats. This month we’re trying a PlaneChase variant.

Bill’s build a digital stack of PlaneChase cards, and we’ll be competing in 3 player pods. With all the plane-changing chaos, it’s hard to imagine any deck that would have a particular advantage, so any 60-card constructed deck is fair go. Chris has never played Planechase, so is particularly looking forward to the experience!

On Friday, especially for those who have been asking for it, we’ll be following Sarkhan’s Quest: the FNM booster draft will be Khans / Fate / Dragons.

This weekend in summary:
Friday: open from 12:30. FNM registrations from 5:30 for 6pm draft, $20
Saturday: registrations from 12:30 for PlaneChase event. $10, 1pm
Sunday: open from 12:30. M-Series, first standard booster is $5.

See you here!
Chris & Bill
iLike Magic

News Till 9th June

Thanks to everyone who helped with our great Modern Masters weekend.

We had a great FNM draft, numbers are growing and we have some ideas coming to give some of our newer players a sample to this fun format.

Saturday Modern was very exciting, going into round 4 we had half the players on 2 - 1. All the games went to the edge. Well done to Michael, Griselbrand and Emrakul for winning the day. Thank you Paddy for stepping into the Judge role, this let Alex C focus on his play. A special thank you to Lane for travelling all that way to join us.

Sunday’s Modern Masters draft was fun and the rest of us had fun jamming. A full house is good fun.

Queen’s Birthday was a nice fun day of jamming casual. EDH, modern and standard.

And last new, yes the points totals are now updated. It’s a close race for each pods. Read More...

[iLike Magic] Notes for this Weekend

Kia Ora Bill,

Hope you’re warm and dry after yesterday’s downpour, and that your Magic Cards and other valuables stayed above water level!

We had a really excellent weekend of Modern constructed and drafts! The booking sheet for June’s Modern Masters Draft is in the store.

But right now the first Saturday of the month is looming so we’re looking forward to Standard… Bill’s feeling quite comfortable after his deck testing, but Chris is busy rebuilding her deck again!

We’ve also been busy thinking about how we can best support the many Magic players in Dunedin who rarely if ever play in competitive store-based events. We’ve decided that something that we can offer over winter is space for people to come and play whatever casual or “kitchen table” decks you want to play with. The first Sunday of each month is for all you non-competitive Magic players: bring your friends and come on up. Meet up with old friends, trade, play and enjoy Magic fun.

We’ve also managed to update the iLike Cup standings, so do check these out on the web site!

Coming up this weekend:
Friday: open from 12:30, FNM Dragons/Dragons/Fate draft $20. Registration 5:30 for a 6pm start
Saturday: Standard, $10. 12:30 registration, play begins at 1. Our normal “wide” prize structure.
Sunday: “Kitchen Table”. No fee, and your first Standard booster of the day is only $5.

See you here!
Chris & Bill
iLike Magic

[iLike Magic] Wednesday again already!

Kia Ora Bill,

Lots of Modern goodness coming our way over the next couple of weeks…

Firstly, the Launch Night Draft on Friday night. We’ll still have a $20 Dragons draft pod if you guys want it though!

Then, a week later, the 30th is the last Saturday of the month, which as you know is always Modern@iLike. This month it’s a super special Modern, with celebratory events all over the world. And here at iLike Magic, our first ever “Winner takes all” event. $20 per player.
I know, I know, I know… Wizards recommends a “wide” prize structure, and we prefer that ourselves. But this is a special event, and at iLike we never say never, so the prize pool on the 30th will be 2 boosters per player. If we get 12 players, that’s a sealed box for the winner. If we get more players, the additional boosters in the pool will be divided between 2nd and 3rd. We’re still favouring quality over quantity though, so entries are capped at 16 players. $20 per player. Seats will be allocated in the order in which we receive payment: there are still a few left, but don’t wait too long!

And a reminder, weekends at iLike Magic now start even earlier, with the store opening from 2pm on Thursdays…

So, coming up this weekend:
Thursday: Open from 2pm, Modern starts at 6pm, $9, 12 clear proxies allowed
Friday: Open from 12:30. FNM Modern Masters 2 draft $45 each; Dragons/Dragons/Fate draft $20. Registrations by 5:30 for a 6pm start
Saturday: Team Sealed. Details online. Registration and deck building from noon. Teams of 4, $15 per player.
Sunday: $5 Magic. Pack wars then other formats. Bring your decks!

See you here!

Chris & Bill
iLike Magic

News Till 2nd June

Friday Night Magic was a great night, it was great to see old friends and new players coming in for a draft. The finales were a close call with James battling Garth and Ben playing Alex. Well done James and Alex.

4 Pack Sealed was also a fun day of Magic. It was a lot easier to build the deck than I thought, what cards do I have in 2 colour that add up to more than 17, lol.

The games were also a lot closer than I had expected, but late game the bombs sure made a big impact. Facing down Dragonlord Silumgar and your best card is scoop time. While the finalist battled out, we played EDH. Garth and Andrew went to the wire with Andrew taking the day, well done to everyone for a fun day of Magic.

Sunday afternoon we had a fun day of EDH and Standard. The younger players cracked open some store Intro Packs and played standard. We now have these decks available for standard play at other events too.

Just a quick note about iLike Cup Points and your Wizards DCI event details, with Chris away for 2 weeks we have a back log of data entry. we are working to get caught up and will have everything updated by Saturday morning. (fingers crossed)

Release Details
Modern Masters 2 Booster price $14.90.
Modern Masters 2 Sealed Booster Box price $358.00 stocks will be very limited.

We plan to have a single pod of Modern Masters draft on the last Friday Night Magic of each Month, while stocks last. This pod will have only 8 players.

Once a month by attending a Standard FNM Draft ($20) you can register for your next Modern Masters draft and receive a $10.00 discount. This begins this Friday Night for the Modern Masters 2 Release Night Draft.

Modern Masters Draft $45.00, ($35.00 with a FNM discount) Read More...