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Mar 2015

[iLike Magic] Birthday and Prizegiving Special Event: Only 3 more sleeps!

Kia Ora Dragon Bill,

Our Birthday Weekend is finally here and we are busy getting ready. We will have our biggest Magic event, 5 Draft Pods!

What is happening?

Each calendar year (1 Jan - 31st Dec) we allocate iLike Cup Points for the Pod Winners at Friday Night Magic, for 1st, 2nd and 3rd on Saturday events and bonus points for special events. We have a separate points system for new players in our M-Series Events.

These Points added up to give us our Cup Winners. As an extra bonus for the top 16 general players and top 8 for M-Series we added special prize drafts.

These drafts and the Prize Giving is this Saturday 7th March.

But there’s more! Because this is also our Store’s Birthday we have added 2 additional Draft Pods so all our players can join in the festivities. These Drafts are at a special price of $10.00.

Saturday Registration is 12:30pm and drafting will begin at 1:00pm.

All the players in the Prize Drafts have now confirmed, but we still have a few $10 Birthday Draft seats left. To join in the fun and support your fellow players please book now!

Prize Giving will be at 5:00pm, friends and family are welcome, so ensure you invite them to come along at 5:00pm, too.

Friday Night Magic is on as usual, 5:30pm Registration for a 6:00pm start.
Sunday M-Series starting at 1:00 pm.

Thank You for your support throughout this year. We hope you have a Magic filled 2015.

Bill and Chris
iLike Magic

PS. and there will be cake;-)

PSS. the Dragons of Tarkir booking page is available now:

To summarise, coming up this weekend:
Friday: FNM Draft $20, 5:30
Saturday: Prizegiving and Birthday. 24 prize winners draft for free, others $10. 12:30
Sunday: M-Series, $5

[iLike Magic] - Book Now for Birthday Draft - Saturday Modern

Kia Ora Bill,

The Dragons are coming… Dragons of Tarkir Prerelease , March 21st booking page will be up soon.

Before we get to Dragons we have our special iLike Magic Birthday celebration on the 7th March.

Those who have won a place in the 3 main pods need to let us know you are coming (if you haven’t already) please!

For everyone else we have 2 extra draft pods on Saturday 7th for the special price of $10.00. This lets you support the prize giving and make the most of a final Khans of Tarkir / Fates draft. (and you’ll score points in this years iLike Magic Cup!)

This will be a full and exciting day. Oh and did I mention that it’s the iLike Magic store’s birthday - that means cake and cookies.

Please, book for the Birthday draft online now, this will help Bill organise the space.

This weekend
Friday - Draft
Saturday - Modern
Sunday - M-Series, Practice Conspiracy drafting

The last Saturday of February is looming, and as you know, that means we’ll be playing Modern.

Chris is busy tweaking her deck, hoping to score more 2015 Cup points…

Registration from 12:30, play starts at 1pm. $8.

Chris & Bill
iLike Magic

News Till 27th Febuary

Friday started with a blast, lots of people come home to Dunedin and Magic, Magic, Magic.

The Friday Night draft was full but we made room for our guest from Wellington, it was a great draft and both pods had fun rounds. When we have oversized drafts and use swiss for the results we are crediting both winners if there is a draw, well done Daniel and Garth. Over in pod 1 our new player from The Magic Flat, Craig to top honours.

Saturday Fate Reforged Gameday was nice and relaxed, we all wanted the play mat. Blue Black control battled, but it was Gene visiting from the North Island who took the prize. We wish him good luck in his PTQ Vancouver this weekend. I’m a little jealous of his travels, but that’s what you can do when you are good at Magic.

Sunday we ran a special Gameday event for our players who couldn’t make it on Saturday. Another fun day, and only 1 blue black control player. Well done Raven for your win.

Monday afternoon we jammed EDH, until Chris had to take me home.

We are currently trying to locate a nice place to hold the iLike Magic Birthday Drafts and the Dragons Prerelease, so please keep an eye out for the updated place/dates and times. Read More...