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May 2015

News Till 11th May

It has been good to see our FNM numbers slowly recovering from the slump at the end of M15. Dragons is a lot of fun to draft and Fates adds a little spice.

Saturday we played Standard and the competition was hot. Blue, White Heroic took the day, Andrew has honed this deck down to a lean mean fighting machine. it makes my Blue Black Control feel like a lumbering hulk. Well done Andrew.

School holidays has settled and we had a good turnout for M-Series, enough for a Conspiracy draft. This was lots of fun, and saw some great decks with tricky strategies. Casper timed his assault just right, letting Daniel remove the opposition then sweeping in to clean up. Well do Casper!

We have the up coming release of Modern Masters 2 fast approaching. You need to be getting your Pre-Orders in now if you want to capitalise on our great price of $309.00 per box.

There are also a few remaining Dragons Prerelease packs waiting to be picked up. It’s now been over a month and other players are asking if they can have our spare packs. Please, if you want your dice and seeded booster pop in and pick them up. Read More...