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Nov 2014

iLike Magic News this weekend

Kia Ora Bill,

Time’s just whizzing by - NCEA 2014 is receding into memory, allowing the Secondary students to get some quality Magic time in, and Holiday Gift Boxes already on sale.

We’ve had a lot of fun with the new Commander decks and cards. Bill even made the Commander finals on Saturday, but couldn’t stand up to Joe or Oscar’s decks.

Coming up this weekend:
FNM is a Khans Draft as usual
This is the last Saturday of the month, so of course it’s Modern again
Sunday’s M-Series will be our final Theros draft.

We still have some colours of Commander 2014 decks in stock, and are trying to keep up with the demand those lovely Khans of Tarkir Holiday boxes. An ideal Christmas gift for a Magic player near you…

This weekend in more detail:

We’ll be helping celebrate the end of exams with plenty of jamming from 12:30 this afternoon and Monday, then at 5:30 we’ll clear the decks for registrations for Friday Night Magic. $20 for a Khans of Tarkir Booster Draft which will get under way at 6pm, with the last of those awesome Brain Maggots up for grabs.

Saturday’s Modern will be great fun. Many of our players have been working hard on their decks, and competition at the top will be fierce. If you’re just learning about the Modern format, and don’t have a deck yet, come along and watch. Perhaps even borrow a deck and join in! Many of us are still finding our feet in this challenging environment. Only $8 each for a great afternoon of Magic. Registration is at 12:30, and play starts at 1.

Sunday M-Series, an opportunity for friends and family to learn to play Magic. 12:30, $5.

Chris & Bill
iLike Magic

News till 20th Nov

Our students are now home, safe and sound for Christmas/New Year. Business here in Dunedin quiets down, this is to be expected. We still have great numbers with more than enough players to draft at Friday Night Magic. And that’s the plan for the next 2 months, Khans of Tarkir Drafting.

Over the last few weeks I’ve had a couple of people express their concern for the “wider” Dunedin Magic community. I want to make our current position clear. Chris and I have been in business for a long time, maybe too long, and we have been involved in running all manner of events, from small group training to large conferences. The single most important lesson learnt from our successes and failures: Run events for the people who come to your events. This would seem self evident, but it’s not! We have found that if you run events for the people who come to your events they bring others and you have a great event. When you run events for those who don’t come to your events then surprise surprise they don’t come, and because it’s not being focused for your regulars they don’t come either, fail. We actively seek ideas from our players for the types of events they want to attend and play at, this is what drives our involvement.

Meanwhile, Saturday Standard was fun, we have some great decks driven by keen players. I was a bit focused on my own games so I can’t report too much. In my first round, James got off to a great start, coming at me fast before I could stabilises the board and then again in game 2. Next I played Jacob who’s white deck threatened to do the same, but I managed to stabilise and then it was an extremely long grind, with B/U Control finally finding it’s answers. Read More...

News till 13th Nov

Just a quick update.

FNM was a smaller group with our students all home for the hols. If you found our FNM too crowded for your tastes, things will be quiet until next year, so pop in for a fun night of Tarkir Drafting.

Saturday had a great turnout with these new Commander decks blazing a path into the the most powerful commander decks.

Sunday was a fun M-Series, keep in mind there is no age or skill limit to M-Series, so if you want to join in to learn or help new players, please join us on Sunday afternoons.

The new Commander decks sold out in short order, new stocks have arrived, we hope we have ordered enough to stay on the shelves, but some colours will always be limited.

We also have the new Holiday box in stock, it is cool! Read More...

[iLike Magic] News

Salutations Planeswalker Bill,

What a great EDH weekend we had! All our new Commander decks have flown off the shelf, but we’ll be restocked by Friday.

Summary for this weekend:
Friday - FNM Khans of Tarkir Draft
Saturday - Standard
Sunday - M-Series

A couple of things to note… Firstly, Jacob’s misplaced his Magic folder. Please check that it’s not hiding in among yours, and let us know if you find it so we can set his mind at ease!

Secondly, Online Events… Summer holidays have started for many, and our players are currently scattered from Invercargill to Vietnam. We really feel for Tony and others who are missing out on playing Magic. Bill’s wondering how we can meet up online for a match or 2. Friends in Game Centre can play each other in the iPad version of Duels of the Planeswalkers 2015: can you select other players in the Steam version? Or maybe cockatrice? Please let Bill know your ideas on how to do this!

Also, a reminder that M-Series is about learning to play Magic. If you have friends or family who would like to learn this great game, please feel free to bring them to the store on Sundays. As well as the learner decks we’ve built, we’re learning to draft and deckbuild using the store’s growing collection of cubes. We’ve even got a whole separate M-Series Cup competition running.

More details on our events this weekend…

We will be opening at 12:30pm for our players to come down and test their decks for Saturday. There’ll probably be a bit of casual EDH too - these new C14 decks seem to fire very quickly!

Registration time for FNM is 5:30, and play begins at 6. We’re drafting Khans of Tarkir, $20 each.

Standard tournament $8.00. Registration at 12:30pm, game play begins 1:00pm. We’re expecting a wide range of players and decks.

We will be open at about 12:00 and close up around 5:30.

M-Series $5.00. Registration and Pack Wars from 12:30, Theros Cube 1:30. Read More...

News till 6th Nov

Friday afternoon we jammed some standard until FNM. Being a 5th Friday we tried to mix it up with 2 different drafts. Pod 1 drafted in Spanish, French and Portuguese, while Pod 2 had a grab bag of the last odds boosters. Sadly, M15 took the edge off the multilingual draft, lesson learnt “Don’t organise things too far in advance”.

Saturday, on to Teams and another packed event. These team events are extremely hard fought, with the final result going down to a game count. Well done to all the teams and players and a special shout out to Team Hassall you guys had a solid first event.

Sunday was a special day, nothing quite like playing a hard core Modern Combo! I know I speak for all the lucky players in the draft with thanks Alex for making that possible.

Monday, we had a nice afternoon playing Commander with Tony before he headed back to Vietnam, we miss all our hard working students and look forward to their return in the New Year. Read More...

News till 30th Oct

Friday Night Magic was another full evening of fun Magic. With our daughter Liz over from Brisbane and sharing in FNM was very special. Thanks to everyone, you made her feel so welcomed. It's nice she now has better idea of what her crazy parents are up to on the weekends. Sorry, we had to hurry some of you out the door at 10:00pm but we needed to spend a little more time with her.

Saturday was Modern, with great cards that aren't so modern. Again a special thanks to Alex C for his generosity and support with cards and decks. My games were a blast, even playing against storm. We will be continuing on with our monthly Modern as we build our super decks. Congratulations Alex, Joe and Kieran for your grand performances.

Sunday, we had a great draft with Raven sharing her spot prize booster booty from Christchurch. This was lots of fun, thank you.

Monday, Labour Day. And we decided to have a small draft, this was so well supported that we switched it to Teams Draft. The random team up worked strangely well. A perfect draw for first, and for second. Right down to game counts, so that makes it Magic Cup points for all players. Read More...