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Oct 2014

[iLike Magic] FNM Toughest Draft

Greetings Goblins and other Creature Types,

This weekend we have a fun packed adventure planed, or maybe some Magic.

Friday Night Magic:
Pod 1, Many of you have asked what is the Toughest Draft? the best guess so far has been juggling burning boosters while blindfolded, this is almost right. But I can assure you there will be no flames and you even may be able to see the cards! As always Pod 1 is limited to 8 places, so please register early!

Pod 2 will be our last grab bag for a while as we use up the last of our odd boosters.

Registration will open from 5:00pm, it's $20.00 and play will begin at 6:00pm.

Teams Sealed on Saturday for those who can make it. If you are not currently in a team, don’t worry come along and we will find a place for you. This is a great event, and helps with deck building, coaching and general play. If you haven't joined in with this event before and would like details, email us!

Registration will open from 12:30pm $15.00 each player and play will begin at 1:00pm.

M-Series, Registration will open from 12:30pm $5.00 each player. Pack Wars at 1pm, cube draft will begin at 1:30pm.

I’ve got other goss to share but we’ll leave that for the weekend…
And we have now set our next months program, it should be on our site by now...

Bill and Chris
iLike Magic

News till 24th Oct

Hey, Bill where has the news gone?

Sorry, folks! I normally write our news section on Monday afternoons, along with my other store chores. But, we have been having a fun and busy Monday down at the store. For the rest of the week I try and crib some time to write up the news and have been missing.

But, I’ve updated the Cup points. There has been a bit of a discussion about the draft as students leave to go home for the holidays. The cups points will run up to the 31st December. We have been talking about our Events over Christmas and will be running events right the way through. The drafts will take place sometime well into the New Year giving our students time to return to Dunedin. The prize is the Draft, if people can’t make the draft then we will need to drop them and move people up into their place, sorry. I also hope to be down at the store everyday in December, but we will see how things go.

And now the news…
Game Day was a blast and Sunday M-Series is gathering momentum.

Our daughter is over from Brisbane so we’re off to do “Tourist” things, see you all on Friday. Read More...

[iLike Magic] Cards for Cash

Hey All,

New news! As you know, while we think trading is great, we don’t like people using our store for selling cards! But some rules can be broken from time to time, and this Saturday and Sunday we will be hosting an MTG Bring and Buy. 

Yes, that's right: you bring in the the cards you wish to sell for $$$. If you want to buy cards, bring in your $$$. Maybe, a chance to get some cash for Christmas...

Note: This is not the store selling singles, these are player to player sales. iLike Magic offers no guarantee, warranty or refunds. 

What else is on this weekend:
24th October: Friday Night Magic, Khans of Tarkir Draft, $20.00. Registration from 5:30pm. Play starts at 6:00pm.

25th October: Modern. $8.00 per player, Registration 12:30 play begins at 1:00pm. The Give Peace a Chance Modern Event.

26th October: M-Series, $5.00 per player. Registration 12:30, play begins at 1:00pm.

27th October: Labour Day. Open as usual from 12:30

See you there
Bill and Chris

News till 17th Oct

Oh dear, Wednesday already and no news? No news is good news right? I normally do the news of Monday but that was a busy day at the shop. Busy and fun.

Casting my mind back to Friday, we had a great FNM. Both Pods went well, with a battle for first in Pod 1. We had a few question and comments regarding the Podding and after all this time it’s a good place to have a review. When we started our main players seemed to organise themselves into Pod 1, then players moved on and Mark got busy, so we carried on with the way we thought it happened. But now we are going to change it up a bit, to be eligible to be play in Pod 1 you need to have won a FNM Pod Draft. I have the list and will keep it updated. Each week I will randomize this list and those players will be assigned to Pod 1. In the unlikely event that we don’t have 8 for that Pod, we will put another of our regular players into the deep end. New players to iLike Magic FNM Draft will always be in Pod 2.

Saturday, we had EDH and this was a great day, so many fun deck, and a few not so fun. Oh and while my Slithers were ho hum, they sure bring the hate. The final saw a quick end to James S, then a long stand off with Silent Arbiter, holding the Goblins at bay. Ed left for tea, and Tony finally got his combo. Well done Tony, Callum, Ed and James! There was also a lot of trading and tweaking of the decks headed to Ch-Ch. Thank you to everyone for pitching in and helping. Read More...

[iLike Magic] Si

saludo planeswalkers,

This weekends events:

10th October : Friday Night Magic, Khans of Tarkir Draft, $20.00. Registration from 5:30pm. Play starts at 6:00pm.

Saturday 11th - Themed Decks, $8.00, Fun Deck points for Closest to Theme, Fun to Play against and Strangest Cards.

Themed Decks should be 60+ cards, constructed decks, based on a strong theme. They can have any normal magic cards (legacy/kitchen table).

The winner of each match gets 1 point.
You rate your opponents deck.
How well did the deck follow its theme - 10 points
Was the deck fun to play against - 10 points
Magic has many strange themed cards, did you see new cards - 4 points
4 Rounds of Swiss, should give us a total of the possible 100 points per deck.

Sunday 12th - M-Series,  Kitchen Table, so bring your 60 Card Decks, Registration $5.00 per player: 12:30 play begins at 1:00pm

And we will have news of our players from the Ch-Ch event.

Billario and Christabel
iLike Magic

Chris & Bill
iLike Magic

(Nobody expects the spanish inquisition!)

News till 3rd Oct

As I sit down to write up this weekends iLike Magic highlights, my mind is a blur. What a Launch Party!

We started with some fun EDH on Friday afternoon, Ed smashing Prossh with Armageddon, Aggressive Mining and a number of other shenanigans resulting in the massive 427 alpha strike.

As the players gathered we knew we were going to be close to our max players for the first Khans of Tarkir draft. And we were, right on the limit, full house. What a great night! The drafts went well and there were some great card pulls. Fetches, Planeswalkers and mythics. The pods were evenly matched and we all had great games. It was excellent to have so many first time drafters. Thank you all, for your support and making it a great night.

Saturday, we knew we were booked out, yet still they kept coming, with a cancelation and Chris and I making space everyone had an Intro Pack. Deck building and booster packs opened. The games commenced. Another fun day, 4 rounds of swiss and we needed a play off for first place. Very close matches. Thank you Kit for being so patient. I think the big surprise was Alex B, using the stock 60 card deck, winning over all the 40 card decks. Maybe Wizards can build great Intro Decks;-) And it was clan Sultai too.

Sunday, we moved on to 2Headed Giant Draft, this is a fun format to draft. Our 6 giants, had a lot of fun. A special shout out to James S for his coaching and encouragement of Hamish, you really had to lead the charge on your team, thank you. Read More...

[iLike Magic] Whatz Up

Aloha Planeswalkers,

The dust begins to settle across Tarkir, as the great clans regroup.

This Friday Night: FNM Khans of Tarkir Draft, $20.00, registration at 5:30pm, play starts at 6:00pm.

Saturday: EDH : Commander, $8.00. Registration  at 12:30pm play begins at 1:00pm.

and Sunday: 
M-Series $5.00, from 12:30
Ladder Final from 3:00pm. This will be the last Ladder event, we will re-evaluate next year.

See you there
Chris & Bill