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Sep 2014

News till 26th September

Prerelease weekend began with our last M15 Draft. It was a small group as we expected but that didn't stop the fun.

We arrived early to setup for the Prerelease, but not earlier than the stout hearted players who came in to help us setup. Thanks guys, it was great to be ready when the crowds arrived, even if the banners were a bit wonky.

It was full house and we began with our Uncommonly Good competition, it was interesting that Khans has a lot of great cards that look as if they should be uncommon. Even Bill slipped up and missed Alex's correct first pick.

The unboxing and introductions went well with a lot of interesting decks and 4 Planeswalkers. On to lunch time, and a few keen voters slipped away to register their vote.

The afternoon competitions went smoothly. A couple standout players were Harry and James S. A special mention for James Me also, what an outstanding performance. Now, was it experience, great deck building, a good card pool, amazing game play? I think it was all these things for Ed who almost went through both days unbeaten! only dropping that important last match to Oscar on Saturday. Tough games. Congratulations and well played.

I have allocated all the iLike Magic Cup points for the 2 days. It's easy to see just how close the competition was!

Sunday night there was a few quite games of EDH as we tidied up and this brought another fun Prerelease to a close.

Next weekend Launch Party.

News till 19th September

The weekend began with Ladder games and Andrew moved up a rung after winning with his Modern deck. Soon we were crowed and FNM began.

Pod 1 had an interesting draft, with Mark, Alex and Raven away there was an open field. Brendan and Nick had their eye on the top spot. Tim and I thought we had a good chance but we soon had our hopes dashed. Well done Brendan for the deserved win.

Pod 2 was also interesting, we welcomed a visitor down from Wanganui, here for the robots competition, and he had a great time. Thanks to everyone for making him feel so welcome. Alex and Tony both went for control and that slowed round 1. Things soon got back on track and the final game down to our guest and Tony. Tony showed us that control could take the day.

Saturday 2 headed giant standard constructed surprised me completely. I was expecting people to simply use their decks from the last event, but no. Decks were tweaked and rebuilt to complement each other, this made for an amazing day of magic. Andrew and Chris made a formidable team, and Tim and I were lucky to get our win. The top decks battled it out over on the other table. Raven and Oscar keen to take the points, but Alex and James were just too strong. Congratulations to all players your decks and enthusiasm made it a great day of Magic.

Sunday was our second M-Series event, with Chris and the teens using our new Standard Common Cube, thanks to everyone who helped me sort those cards, and build the cubes, what a big job! Fun was had by all and Harry won the day. Over in room 2 we had a number of ladder games, and had a relaxing catchup. Thanks to Tony for giving me some much needed guidance on my new EDH deck.

This weekend is the Prerelease, you will be receiving an email about it soon. Read More...

[iLike Magic] Prerelease and Launch Party News

Greetings Planeswalkers!

Breaking News:
We have had a cancelation for the Khans Prerelease: Mark and his girls are still moving house and can’t make it. This leaves 2 spots open, (1 has already been snapped up).
Chris and/or I can swap days so you can have either Saturday or Sunday.
Contact us now, if you want one of these 2 last spots.

FNM Friday 19th - Final M15 Draft
Saturday and Sunday Prerelease. Event starts at 10am, Sealed Deck tournament starts 12:45
No M-Series

With the Prerelease almost here, it’s time to glance past this weekend to the Launch Party. Everyone who has booked for these events so far has their seat reserved!

FNM - Friday 26th - the first Khans of Tarkir  Booster Draft, $20.00. I’m thinking this could be a slower set? It will sure be an interesting evening!
We have 2 open seats, please book to ensure your place.
Saturday 27th, Sealed Deck. $20.00 Each player gets an Intro Pack from which they build a 40 card deck. This event is great value as the Intro Packs are normally $24.95.
We have 4 open seats - please book to ensure your place.
Sunday, 2Headed Giant Draft. $20.00 per person. This is another great way to build your card collection laying the foundation for Standard. If you don’t have a teammate don’t worry as there will be others who need a partner. This event is a lot of fun.
We still have space for 4 pairs.

I know bookings are a pain and we would love to dispense with them but we don’t want people to miss out!

[iLike Magic] Kharns of Tarkir Prerelease

Welcome, assorted sentient beings of the Multiverse!,
We are using the same timetable for this Prerelease, as so many people told us how much fun they had at the previous ones. You are free to arrive when you would like, and take part in only the events you wish to, we want it to be your choice. 
But there are no “prize boosters” for attending - if you are not here at the time of a challenge or spot prize, or choose not to take part in a challenge, then you will not be eligible for its prize. We will make an exception for those who wish to pop out to vote.
Please, feel free to bring snacks and lunch if you are here for the whole day, we don’t want you to get hungry.
Here is a list of the challenges, times, and prize pools:
10:00 - 10:30 Uncommonly Good (max 1 prize per player (study the spoilers))
10:30 - 11:00 Pack Wars (match winners)
10:30 - 3:00 Spot Prizes (max 1 prize per player)
12:45 - 5:00 The Main Competition, 4 Rounds of Swiss:
8th - 4th, 1 booster
3rd, 2 boosters
2nd, 3 boosters
1st, 4 boosters
We will do our best to ensure everyone has a fun day, and we hope everyone is a winner. Remember, all prizes are at our discretion and our decisions will be final.
If you have decided on a Clan please let us know (if you haven't already), clan choices are now running low so please give us a couple of options and let us know ASAP. Read More...

News till 12th September

Friday began with the opening of Speed and Cunning, players popped in and grabbed their new decks. After a few rounds of EDH, things started to get busy. Friday Nigh Magic was great, our Pod battled it out trying to head off Mark, but he took the high ground and won the day.

Saturday saw us arriving to a mass of people waiting to get in the store and have a few games before Standard began. A big field of all kinds of decks made a start, I was hoping Mono Black would go the distance, but went down in round 1 to Ben’s control deck. I just couldn’t push through in the second and third games. Over in room 1, there was also a battle between 2 burn decks. Not good match ups but random will do that. Round 2 split the field with control and burn favourites. Chris’ RG was firing and she had her second win, next match Alex C. She put a great battle to go 1-2 but control just dug in and ground out the win. We cut to a top 4 and Alex C took the top place winning every match of his day! Well done!

Sunday, we had a fun day planed. First up we had a meeting with the parents of our younger players outlining the M-Series Cup, then they went on to open boosters for our Conspiracy Cube. Over in the other room the Captains who could make it, drafted M15. There was just enough room for our EDH players to battle it out and a few Ladder matches. Andrew moving up another rung. We were very pleased to have a visit from old friends from Omaru, they had came down to buy Magic cards and discovered the day before they knew us from our Wellington days. Now their boys are loaded up with decks and going back to join in the local games.

Monday afternoon I worked on our Pauper Cube, to have it ready for next M-Series. I will need some help on this;-) Read More...

[Like Magic] Penultimate M15 Draft

Kia ora, assorted sentient beings of the Multiverse!

Khans of Tarkir is almost upon us, 8 more sleeps…

Just a quick update on what’s happening at iLike Magic this weekend.

Friday Night Magic, the penultimate M15 Draft, $20.00.
We know you'll all support this event as the proceeds from this Draft go towards the entry fees and accommodation for our 3 sponsored players heading to the October 11/12th: Wizards Retreat Players Championships in Christchurch.

Saturday - Standard Constructed 2 Headed Giant. If you don’t have a teammate don’t worry, grab your decks and come on down. We’ll find someone who also needs a partner. This will be a fun day and our last Standard event before Rotation. $8.00, registration 12:30pm for a 1:00pm start.

Sunday - M-Series will be taking more space. This week M-Series players will be drafting a store cube. But there should still be room for Ladder play. Remember Ladder Challenges can be in any agreed format, $1 per challenge.

That’s about it, nothing too stressful for this weekend. If you haven't booked for your Launch Weekend events, head to our site and secure your seat.
Thanks

News till 5th September

I don't want to dwell on the discouragement’s of the past weeks or let it overshadow another great month of Magic.

It was never intended that "Sunday Casual" would be institutionalised, it was allowed because we had space and had not moved forward with our Sunday M-Series plan. This was a mistake on our part and we are now meeting with parents of our emerging players to map out the M-Series program for the rest of this year, and sketch in next year. There will be a short general meeting 12:30pm next Sunday. If you have Year 6 - 10s who play magic please come along.

iLike Magic is not an Activity Centre, it is a Magic Store with a strong focus on WPN Sanctioned Events. To achieve this within our limited resources we need to stay single-minded and be relentless. We must not get comfortable with the status quo. More Magic, more fun.
We have had a great discussion with Wizards about problems we are facing and strategies are now in place for dealing with those.

There will always be changes. As we try new things some will work, others will tank. We learn, we move on. Read More...

[iLike Magic] Journey into Nyx - Prize Support Update

Hi Guys and Gals,

You are receiving this email because you attended our Journey into Nyx Prerelease.

Some of you asked why you didn’t get your expected level of prize support. As we explained at the time, the reason was because we didn’t get any prize support from Wizards. iLike Magic provided all the prizes for that event.

We have been following up with Wizards about this ever since.

On 1st September we received this:
P.S – I sent your 14 units of M15 boosters we owed you from last Pre release. I wasn’t able to get any from the release before…

So we have now been officially told that there will be no prize support from Wizards for the Journey into Nyx prerelease. We're sorry about this, we know that our Wizards rep did his best to help us, and we accept that there's nothing more he can do.

For those of you who are concerned about such things, Wizards have recently made some changes to their PreRelease prize structure. For us, that translates to a small reduction in the amount of booster prize support. So if your loot is a little lighter next prerelease, it is not the fault of the store. Please revise your expectations accordingly. Read More...

[iLike Magic] Weekend Magic, M-Series Cup Begins

Greetings, assorted sentient beings of the Multiverse!

This weeks mid-week news: There is a new FaceBook group in town: “Dunedin Magic”. Search it up and jump on in. If you like it, invite other Magic Players you know. 

Please don’t feed the trolls. (There is one long, torturous thread that you might like to skip... it will be Admin-ed away some time soon.)

What’s on this Weekend
FNM M15 Draft, last "Fifth Friday" draft was a blast, now back to normal. We are trying to organise the next "Fifth Friday" event for the end of October. if Plan A comes together out you will need to have a good knowledge of M15 cards, so make the most of these last few M15 drafts;-) 

Registration 5:30 for a 6pm start, $20.00

Saturday is Standard - decks Constructed from M14 and M15 core sets as well as the Return to Ravnica and Theros blocks. Make the most of it! 12:30 registration, 1pm start, $8.00

Sunday, we have the Captains Table, for the Teams' Captains.

While the Captains are busy in Room1, in Room 2 is the first event in the M-Series Cup. 

With other events replacing Sunday casual play, we've amped up our M-Series events. M-Series is for emerging players (those who have been playing less than a year or so), Junior players (students from about years 6 -10), and other teens wanting to widen their play group. If you are, or know, players in these groups, encourage them to come along. The event costs $5 and includes an M15 booster.
We will have 2 weeks of M-Series before the Khans of Tarkir Prerelease.There will be a short meeting for parents and players at 12:30pm to outline the Cup program. Play starts at 1:00pm. 
Please note, you will not need a deck or cards to join in this event! But please bring your decks along so you can play after the event while waiting for your transport to arrive. Parents are more than welcome to stay and join in (no charge)!

This email's been too long, but one more thing…
Friday is also the release day for the Speed Vs Cunning Duel Decks. These include some of the new wedge lands and as well as other cool Khans of Tarkir cards. $29.95.

News Till 29th August

We are off to a great start to a fun weekend of Magic.

A good crowd for FNM, and it was a evening of tough pairings. Angus tried to blaze a path with his Ornithopter Convoke deck, but it took until round 2 to fly. Chris had a strong start but was overrun in the later rounds. Bill was choked with Mana problems in the middle round. Sometimes the luck of the first win goes against you, sorry Bill. Well done to Mark and James M for great results.

Wow, what a day, 6 Teams - 24 players, sealed Magic! A fun Magic full day. We got started at 12 with deck building with 4 additional Plainswalkers making an appearance. It was surprising how few of the standard archetypes where there to be constructed. We saw some bold decks with a Control and another Mill deck.

At 1:00pm we started the matches. To try and make each game count we used a game count system to determine the team win, highest game count for the win. This seemed to confuse us, LOL. Bill, you have some silly ideas.

The first round saw a few games fail to finish, this format takes time, but the Captains kept the pace on for the rest of the day and all the other rounds saw clear results. A special thank you to all the Captains for their exceptional work in making the day such a success!