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News till 19th June

Then late in the game Andrew’s Goblin Ignition Team appeared and there were 22 lands tapped, followed 2 turns later with another, 18 lands tapped. A turn of manoeuvring as card draw lowered the Library count but no answer could be found. Then a combo with Altar of Dementia left his opponents libraries empty. What a game and a cunning Dementia Goblin ending! Congratulations Andrew and well done to all the others who made it a great day!

Sunday is always a fun day, relaxed and unpredictable. Starting with some Modern, trying to break through those hexproof weenies as the layers of enchantments mount up. Then Mark and his friends arrived and we learnt some new games. First they played Star, where even those who have died can win??? Next an epic game of Emperor, where 3 Emperors and 6 Generals went to battle. The Empress and her Ladies soon fell, a sneaky Vampire and much graveyard shenanigans robbed the heroic armies of white and “right” of their victory by killing our Emperor. Loads of fun! We finished up with a fun draft, allowing us to take home a fist full of cards to sort for the Cube.

Monday was a relaxed afternoon with EDH and trades, thanks to those who dropped by.