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For the Trouble Makers

Wow, sometimes life surprises us.

This post is a continuation of a post I made some time ago about, Who we run events for. (Old Posts)

I want to be very clear as there is still confusion out there in Dunedin. Playing Magic, Trading or just hanging out at our playrooms is a privilege. We welcome new players, young and old, novice or experienced.

BUT if you prove to be a trouble maker, unsavoury, unhelpful, or unsanitary (among other things) you will not be welcomed back. We remember people, it’s what we are good at, and we remember the kindness, positive support, help and advice. We also remember those who lie about us, bad mouth us and undermine our efforts.

Dunedin is fortunate, we have 2 Magic stores, if you have issues with us, or think we might have issues with you, please don’t waste your time coming to our store. To be clear your iLike privileges are gone, we won’t make room for you.

If you think you may have lost your privileges because of your associations and would like to address that with us, you can contact us and we will make a time to sit down with you and discuss your involvement, one to one. Read More...

Holiday Gift Box Competion

Holiday Gift Box

Decks and Results

Game Day : Hunt Bigger Game

August 9th, Saturday 12:30pm - 5:00pm

Yes, we are and yes we will. It’s great saying yes. Yes, we are having a Game Day Tournament.
Yes it is also for new players who may not have played in a Wizards Sanctioned tournament before. Yes, it’s only $20.00 and you get a M15 Into Pack ($24.95) to augment your current deck. Yes, you can come in early, we will open at 11:00am, then trade, team up and share the cards from your Intro packs. You can use any cards that are “Standard” legal to build your deck.


Prerelease Timetable

I think I covered the time table and prize structure last email, but I do want to make one thing clear. Like all our Prerelease Events you are free to arrive when you would like, and take part in only the events you wish to, we want it to be your choice. But there is no “prize boosters” for attending, if you are not here at the time of a challenge, or choose not to take part in a challenge, then you will not be eligible for the prize.


An End of Pre-Registration

An End of Pre-Registration

As you all know we are always trying to improve our events for you. After a couple of months trial, it is clear we do not currently require a pre-registration system. This is good as that's one less thing we all have to worry about. The downside is we will not know beforehand how many players to expect at an event.

We will however still require booking for special events such as Prerelease and Game Days, so check back often to ensure your place in upcoming events. Read More...