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[iLike Magic] Important News

Kia Ora Bill,

There will now be less news.
We are no longer sending out weekly emails as they just become junk or overlooked. We will only be sending you emails if you may need to take action!

You can find our regular events on our website. Bill’s spent a lot of time over the last two weeks making the site work well on your phones and tablets. So bookmark the front page and then you’ll always know what events are scheduled.

Now to the important news:
Shadows over Innistrad Prerelease bookings are now live. Please book soon to ensure you have a seat.

Modern Masters 2 draft opportunity:
On Easter Monday we will be drafting Modern Masters 2. We have 2 places left, email me if you want to take part.

See you here!
Chris & Bill
iLike Magic

[iLike Magic] Important Events for your Calendar!

Kia Ora Bill,

Our usual great weekend of Magic begins tomorrow. Being the 3rd Saturday of the month, Commander / EDH gets its turn. So tweak up your 100-card brews and bring them along. There will be plenty of spare decks to borrow, so if you haven’t built a deck yet, or prefer the challenge of playing a deck sight unseen, come along and enjoy!

Looking forward:
Friday 26th, Blessed vs Cursed Dual Deck release

Sat 27, Modern

Sat 5th March, Birthday Event. Visit our website to see if you’ve earned a free draft or book seats for yourself and a friend at only $10 each.

Sat 12th, Block Constructed: What can you brew using only cards from Battle for Zendikar and Oath of the Gatewatch?

Sun 13th, MTG Adept Standard Qualifier: you asked, we listened - pass turn!

This weekend:
Friday - Casual from 12:30. FNM draft Oath/Oath/Battle, $20, registration 5:30pm
Saturday - Commander / EDH. Registration 12:30, $10. Our usual Saturday prize structure
Sunday - Casual from 12:30

See you here!
Chris & Bill
iLike Magic

[iLike Magic] Oath Launch Weekend...

Kia Ora Bill,

Thanks to everyone for helping us have another great Prerelease weekend! It’s a great feeling to have completed 8 Prereleases: we couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you!

Of course, hot on the heels of a Prerelease comes the Launch Party. We’ve got 3 great events lined up for you for the weekend.

But first, Bill’s finally caught up on his Christmas chores, and the Holiday Theme Deck voting page is up. 4 players have brewed up holiday themed decks, your challenge is to match the deck lists to their names.

At Prerelease players were asked to make an Oath for us to use at the store. Go to our site and enter your vote!

Remember that the special prices for Oath preorders close tonight. 03 0846 0123469 (0)26. Product will be available from lunchtime Friday. (22nd Jan).

Launch Party Schedule:
Friday - Open from 12:30. FNM Oath Launch Draft, $20. Registration 5:30. Play starts at 6pm. For this special occasion we will be drafting triple Oath.
Saturday - 2 Headed Giant Triple Oath Draft. Special Price $15. Registration 12:30 for a 1pm start.
Sunday - Intro Pack Sealed Challenge. $20 per player. Register at 12:30 so we can start play at 1pm

See you here!

[iLike Magic] Prerelease Breaking News

Kia Ora Bill,

Prerelease packs have arrived, so we’re all go for the weekend!!!!!

We’re aware that some of our players can’t make it to daytime events, so to help out we’re making a limited number of seats available on Saturday evening.

You will need to organise your own teammate for this 2HG event: seats are $70 for 2, start time 6pm.

Email us promptly if you’re interested 8)

See you here!
Chris & Bill
iLike Magic

[iLike Magic] New Years Newsletter

Kia Ora Bill,

It’s been great to have some summer weather, hope you’ve had a chance to get out and enjoy it!

We’ve been enjoying the Oath of the Gatewatch preview cards as they come out each morning. Lots of fun looming just around the corner - only a week and a bit to the Prerelease. If you haven’t booked your seat yet, you’d better get to the web site and book. There are only a few seats left!

Teamwork is central to the story of Oath of the Gatewatch, so both Saturday and Sunday Prereleases will be in 2 Headed Giant format. Don’t worry if you don’t have a teammate yet, we’ll make sure that everyone is paired up for the events.  

To help us prepare for Prerelease, our drafts for the next two Fridays will be 2HG drafts. We expect this will be a lot of fun, so come along and join in.

Congratulations to Alex Craig for achieving 88 Points in the iLike Magic Cup competition for 2015. Final standings for this are also on our site. You can also learn about the revamped points system for the iLike Magic Cup here.

We’ve made another tweak to things in preparation for the new year, and changed the monthly schedule a bit. Second Saturdays will be focussing on Block Constructed. So this month, build a your 60 card using only cards from Origins and Battle for Zendikar sets. Check the website for more on this, too.

So coming up this weekend:
Friday - open from 12:30. FNM Battle for Zendikar 2HG draft, registration 5:30, $20.
Saturday - open from 12:30. BFZ and Origins Block Constructed play begins 1pm. $10.
Sunday - Casual from 12:30, first booster $5.

See you here!
Chris & Bill
iLike Magic

[iLike Magic] Drafting BFZ tonight...

Another busy week for us at iLike!

It was great to see the NZ team make it into the top 16 again at last weekend’s Magic World Cup. I hope you managed to watch a few matches online (Chris had a very late night watching Atarka Red in action).

Depending on your personality, bookings for the Oath of the GateWatch prerelease are either over half full or almost gone 8)… Whatever your perspective, if you want to take part in these exiting 2 Headed Giant Sealed events and you haven’t got your booking in yet, it’s time to act!

Product of the week:
Just in time for Christmas, we have the Arena of the Planeswalkers board game in store. This could be just the gift you’re looking for! Stock is limited, so grab yours in store this weekend, or order online at

Magic at iLike this weekend:
We’re relieved to have our Battle for Zendikar stock topped up in time for tonight’s draft!
Today: open from 12:30. FNM Booster draft registrations 5:30 for a 6pm start. $20
Saturday: Commander, $10. Registrations 12:30, play starts at 1pm. Wide prize pool
Sunday: open from 12:30 for Magic in all formats. First booster of the day only $5

Safe travels to those of you are away visiting family over the holidays! A reminder for those still in Dunedin that we’ll be here over the Christmas weekend.

See you here!
Chris & Bill
iLike Magic

[iLike Magic] Oath Prerelease Booking page is Up

Oath of the Gatewatch in coming soon, and its time to get your seat booked… and click the OTG - Prerelease

Bill’s been busy this week, and our new online Magic store is live… from our web site, spot the shiny new Internet icon and check it out 8)

And of course, this Saturday is Holiday Theme Decks. Bill’s posted the prize structure and deck details for this online, so check that out too

Friday: Open from 12:30. FNM is a Battle for Zendikar booster draft, $20. Registration 5:30 for a 6pm start
Saturday: Holiday Theme Deck. Registration 12:30, $10
Sunday: Casual Magic from 12:30. First booster $5

See you here!
Chris & Bill
iLike Magic

[iLike Magic] Standard this Saturday

First, a heads-up for December’s deck building challenge…
Build a Holiday Themed 60 card “kitchen table” deck. Come and play it on Saturday 12th December. Everybody gets a booster, top voted deck wins a Holiday Gift Box.

Looking even further ahead, it’s only 6 weeks until the Oath of the Gatewatch prerelease! Highlight 16th and 17th January on your calendar now. (I know I have!)

More on that later! in the mean time…

Friday: open from 12:30. FNM Booster Draft will be Battle for Zendikar. Registration 5:30. $20
Saturday: Standard. Registration 12:30 for a 1pm start, $10
Sunday: Casual. A great time to introduce your friends to store play. First booster only $5!

See you here
Chris & Bill
iLike Magic

[iLike Magic] Commander and MTG Adept Selectionals

Another busy weekend for us at iLike Magic…

The new Commander mechanics are really fun and we’ve had a good week exploring them along side the EDH Achievement points system. More of the new Commander 15 decks have arrived, so you can come get yours. We’ll be concluding our 2-week commander league event on Saturday. With 2 players already past 30 points, competition is hotting up.

Sunday features competition of a different sort. We’re hosting a Selectional event for the big MTG Adept Representationals tournaments next year. Format for the day is Standard, and Deck Lists are required. If you’re wanting to take part and haven’t yet booked, please use the booking form on our website, as seats for this event will be limited.

We’re going to have a lot of players on Sunday, so unfortunately there won’t be space for spectators or casual play.

Friday: open from 12:30, so you can earn more Commander League points during the afternoon. FNM Battle for Zendikar Booster Draft, registration 5:30 for a 6pm start. $20
Saturday: Commander League concludes. Who will win the C15 Deck? $10 entry, registration 12:30
Sunday: MTG Adept Selectional. Standard. $25. Open from 11:30. Registrations close at 12:45 or when we’re fully booked. Players meeting 12:55.

See you here!
Chris & Bill
iLike Magic

[iLike Magic] Commander and other Events

Kia Ora Bill,

This weekend we celebrate Commander. C15 goes on sale on Friday, bringing some fun new mechanics especially designed for the format. Saturday will feature even more Commander.

Looking forward, Sunday 22nd, we have an MTG Adept Selectional event. For those players who want to raise their game by competing against NZ’s top players, this is a chance to earn an invitation to the 2016 MTG Adept Representationals next May. And if you just want a great afternoon of Standard, you can have that and at the same time help your mates earn their invitations. There’s a generous prize pool, and the proceeds go towards funding the big event.

Bookings for the 22nd are at the Adept Series link on our site,
Play will begin right on 1pm, so please ensure you arrive with plenty of time for registration and deck checks.

You can find more information about the Representationals online at

So coming up this weekend:
Friday 13th, Commander 2015 goes on sale when we open at 12:30.
FNM Booster Draft is Battle for Zendikar. Registrations 5:30 for a 6pm start. $20
Saturday 14th, Commander tournament. Registration 12:30. $10
Sunday 15th, Casual play in a range of formats. First booster $5

See you here
Chris & Bill
iLike Magic

[iLike Magic] Modern Saturday

Kia Ora Bill,

It was great to have a good rummage thru the new Standard and see what decks we could come up with over Game weekend. Now we’re at the end of the month (yikes!) so we have a change of pace as we look at how we can integrate our new cards into our Modern decks…

Coming up this weekend:
Friday open from 12:30. Friday Night Magic we’ll draft Battle for Zendikar from 6pm. $20, registration 5:30pm

Saturday: Modern. Registration 12:30, $10. Play begins at 1pm

Sunday: Casual play, first booster $5

See you here!
Chris & Bill
iLike Magic

[iLike Magic] Game Day Reminder

Kia Ora Bill,

The excitement of Prerelease has morphed into the satisfaction of great drafts, and the Pro Tour’s showed us what rotation’s done to the game, so now it’s time for Standard!

Start your weekend at FNM with a Battle for Zendikar booster draft to top up your card pool. Then put your best deck forward for Game Days. Yes, this weekend it’s time for Battle for Zendikar Game Days. 2 of them. Saturday and Sunday.

Full details as usual on our website. Drana Playmats for each day’s winner, shiny Radiant Flames for each Top 8, Top 4 share .5 booster per entrant, and a booster and Stasis Snare for all participants. All that AND an afternoon of Magic for only $10, then come back and do it all again!

Friday: open from 12:30. FNM Booster draft $20. Registration 5:30, 6pm start
Saturday: Game Day Standard. $10, registration 12:30, 1pm start
Sunday: Game Day Standard. $10, registration 12:30, 1pm start

See you here!
Chris & Bill
iLike Magic

[iLike Magic] Building New Standards...

Kia Ora Bill,

Another busy week fades into history…

I hope those of you who are studying have been able to put in quality time and are ready for a well-earned break over the weekend!

Tonight, of course, we’ll be drafting Battle for Zendikar. I certainly enjoyed the deck I built last FNM, and I’m looking forward to see what’s lurking in my packs this time

Tomorrow, being the second Saturday of the month, our deck building challenge will, of course, be the new Standard. To spice it up, we’ll be playing our new decks in a “King of the Hill” multiplayer format. Details about how this works on our site…

Sunday’s events will be decided based on who’s here. Our focus is on learning to play better Magic, and your first booster will be $5

Summary for this weekend:
Friday: open from 12:30. FNM Booster draft $20, registration 5:30 for a 6pm start. 3x Battle for Zendikar boosters.
Saturday: Standard King of the Hill, registration 12:30, $10 per player
Sunday: open from 12:30. First booster $5

see you here!
Chris & Bill
iLike Magic

[iLike Magic] Battle For Zendikar Launch Party

Kia Ora Bill,

So, just how much fun will we have drafting Battle? Come along Friday night and find out! Battle for Zendikar sealed product goes on sale at 12:30 tomorrow, Friday 2nd October, so you can come on in and collect your pre-orders.

Then stay and play Magic 8)

For Saturday’s Intro Pack Sealed, we’ll open at noon to give you a bit of extra time for exploring your random Intro Pack and use it to build a 40-card deck.

Then of course, we’ll all hanging out for the 2 Headed Giant Draft on Sunday. If you don’t have a partner, let us know and we’ll find someone for you to draft with.

So here’s the 3 great events we have lined up for Launch Weekend:

Friday: Open from 12:30. FNM Battle for Zendikar draft: registration 5:30, play begins at 6. $20
Saturday: Intro Pack Sealed. $20 for your Intro pack. Registration from 12, play begins at 1pm
Sunday: 2HG draft: Registration 12:30, play begins at 1. $15 per player

See you here!
Chris & Bill
iLike Magic

[iLike Magic] Origins Game Weekend

Kia Ora Bill,

It’s been another busy week at iLike basecamp… For those of you following our drama, no, still no GigaTown. Sigh!

Fortunately, we don’t need fast internet to play Magic, so we’re all go for another great weekend of Magic fun. Please check our website for information about our different 2 Game Day events.

Sunday will be a relaxed event for young and emerging players. The serious competition and prizes will be for Saturday’s event.

Friday: Open from 12:30, FNM Origins Booster Draft. Registration 5:30, $20
Saturday: Origins Game Day - Major event. Format: Standard. Registration 12:50 for a 1pm start. $20
Sunday: Origins Game Day. Format: Standard. Registration 12:50 for a 1pm start, $5

See you here!

Chris & Bill
iLike Magic

[iLike Magic] Origins Prerelease Bookings are On Line

Kia Ora Bill,

First up, the Origins Prerelease Booking page is up…
Seats are limited, so get to

As usual, the Prerelease is $40 per player. As well as a great day of Magic, you’ll get an Origins Prerelease Pack. There are 5 different packs, each linked to a Magic colour. We’ll ask you to send us your colour choices soon…

Each pack contains:
- 6 Magic Origins booster packs
- 7-card seeded booster pack, including a stamped promo card
- Story booklet
- 1 Spindown life counter

There will be activities to start the morning off, then you’ll have time to build a 40 card deck from your Prerelease pack ready to start play at 1pm, when we’ll play 4 rounds of Swiss.

Before then, of course will be more “normal” weekends of iLike Magic… Last weekend’s PlaneChase chaos was great fun, and ruled the day on Sunday as well… This weekend it’s back to EDH/Commander. We still have a few C13 decks in store - for $45, these are a great way to get a solid core of cards to build your Commander deck around.

Friday from 12:30. Registrations 5:30 for a 6pm Draft: Dragons/Dragons/Fate, $20
Saturday is EDH / Commander. Registrations from 12:30 for a 1pm start. $10.
Sunday M-Series, $5 (includes a booster). Bring your decks and your friends!

See you here!
Chris & Bill
iLike Magic

[iLike Magic] Final orders please...

Kia Ora Bill,

First up, Wizards is taking M15 and Theros block off the shelves, so you only have a week or so to get any final orders in. Email Chris @

On to this weekend’s fun… Its the 2nd Saturday of the month, and that’s the day we explore strange and interesting places and formats. This month we’re trying a PlaneChase variant.

Bill’s build a digital stack of PlaneChase cards, and we’ll be competing in 3 player pods. With all the plane-changing chaos, it’s hard to imagine any deck that would have a particular advantage, so any 60-card constructed deck is fair go. Chris has never played Planechase, so is particularly looking forward to the experience!

On Friday, especially for those who have been asking for it, we’ll be following Sarkhan’s Quest: the FNM booster draft will be Khans / Fate / Dragons.

This weekend in summary:
Friday: open from 12:30. FNM registrations from 5:30 for 6pm draft, $20
Saturday: registrations from 12:30 for PlaneChase event. $10, 1pm
Sunday: open from 12:30. M-Series, first standard booster is $5.

See you here!
Chris & Bill
iLike Magic

[iLike Magic] Notes for this Weekend

Kia Ora Bill,

Hope you’re warm and dry after yesterday’s downpour, and that your Magic Cards and other valuables stayed above water level!

We had a really excellent weekend of Modern constructed and drafts! The booking sheet for June’s Modern Masters Draft is in the store.

But right now the first Saturday of the month is looming so we’re looking forward to Standard… Bill’s feeling quite comfortable after his deck testing, but Chris is busy rebuilding her deck again!

We’ve also been busy thinking about how we can best support the many Magic players in Dunedin who rarely if ever play in competitive store-based events. We’ve decided that something that we can offer over winter is space for people to come and play whatever casual or “kitchen table” decks you want to play with. The first Sunday of each month is for all you non-competitive Magic players: bring your friends and come on up. Meet up with old friends, trade, play and enjoy Magic fun.

We’ve also managed to update the iLike Cup standings, so do check these out on the web site!

Coming up this weekend:
Friday: open from 12:30, FNM Dragons/Dragons/Fate draft $20. Registration 5:30 for a 6pm start
Saturday: Standard, $10. 12:30 registration, play begins at 1. Our normal “wide” prize structure.
Sunday: “Kitchen Table”. No fee, and your first Standard booster of the day is only $5.

See you here!
Chris & Bill
iLike Magic

[iLike Magic] Wednesday again already!

Kia Ora Bill,

Lots of Modern goodness coming our way over the next couple of weeks…

Firstly, the Launch Night Draft on Friday night. We’ll still have a $20 Dragons draft pod if you guys want it though!

Then, a week later, the 30th is the last Saturday of the month, which as you know is always Modern@iLike. This month it’s a super special Modern, with celebratory events all over the world. And here at iLike Magic, our first ever “Winner takes all” event. $20 per player.
I know, I know, I know… Wizards recommends a “wide” prize structure, and we prefer that ourselves. But this is a special event, and at iLike we never say never, so the prize pool on the 30th will be 2 boosters per player. If we get 12 players, that’s a sealed box for the winner. If we get more players, the additional boosters in the pool will be divided between 2nd and 3rd. We’re still favouring quality over quantity though, so entries are capped at 16 players. $20 per player. Seats will be allocated in the order in which we receive payment: there are still a few left, but don’t wait too long!

And a reminder, weekends at iLike Magic now start even earlier, with the store opening from 2pm on Thursdays…

So, coming up this weekend:
Thursday: Open from 2pm, Modern starts at 6pm, $9, 12 clear proxies allowed
Friday: Open from 12:30. FNM Modern Masters 2 draft $45 each; Dragons/Dragons/Fate draft $20. Registrations by 5:30 for a 6pm start
Saturday: Team Sealed. Details online. Registration and deck building from noon. Teams of 4, $15 per player.
Sunday: $5 Magic. Pack wars then other formats. Bring your decks!

See you here!

Chris & Bill
iLike Magic

[iLike Magic] Games Day x2

Kia Ora Bill,

So many cards, so little time…

Yes, I’ve has been brewing again! Having a great time building my Standard Commander deck for Saturday 8)

So there’s another full-on weekend of Magic coming up at iLike, with TWO Game Days! Yes, that’s right, you guys all pitched in and helped us reach Advanced status, so we have the opportunity of 2 Game Day events.

Come to one, or better yet, come to both! Each event will cost $10 to enter. Registrations from 12:30 and we’ll aim to start play at 1pm on both Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday’s format is Standard Commander - multiplayer with our normal Commander rules, but every card in your deck must be in Standard: Theros, Born of the Gods, Journey Into Nyx, M15, Khans, Fate Reforged and Dragons cards are all options.

Sunday the format will be Standard. Standard Standard. Will you build a deck that saw play on the Pro Tour, or brew up your own? Your choice!

There won’t be an M-Series cube draft on Sunday, instead bring and play your Standard deck!

Chris & Bill
iLike Magic

[iLike Magic]

Kia Ora Bill,

Another short week! The long weekends are great for fitting in More Magic and having More Fun, but combined with daylight-savings-brain, I’m totally out of phase…

But I’m told we’re heading for the 2nd Saturday of the month…

That’s when we focus on building decks for and playing with unusual formats. So this weekend we’re featuring “Rainbow Stairwell”. This is a really interesting format, and deck-building details are on our web site:

Bill’s deck is almost ready, but I’m going to have a busy evening putting mine together!

While we’re talking about deck building… We’ve put together player requests and noted complaints that Game Day this month is superseding 3rd Saturday EDH/Commander, and while we know we can’t please everybody, we do have a Cunning Plan… Standard Commander…

That’s right - it’s Game Day, so we’re celebrating Standard generally, and Tarkir and Dragons particularly. But it’s Commander weekend, and as well as our large group of EDH players, there’s a lot of newer players looking forward to getting into Commander.

So that’s the challenge for Saturday 18th: Build a 100 card Commander deck using only cards that are in Standard: Theros and Khans Blocks plus M15. General Commander rules at

Finally, in answer to all those who have been asking, no, we haven’t received the Dragons Prerelease products yet. We will send out a separate email to let you know when they’re actually here!

Friday: FNM Booster draft, $20. Registration 5:30 for a 6pm start
Saturday: Rainbow Stairwell tournament, $8. Registration 12:30, play starts at 1
Sunday: $5, from 12:30 until 5.

See you here!

Chris & Bill
iLike Magic

[iLike Magic] Birthday and Prizegiving Special Event: Only 3 more sleeps!

Kia Ora Dragon Bill,

Our Birthday Weekend is finally here and we are busy getting ready. We will have our biggest Magic event, 5 Draft Pods!

What is happening?

Each calendar year (1 Jan - 31st Dec) we allocate iLike Cup Points for the Pod Winners at Friday Night Magic, for 1st, 2nd and 3rd on Saturday events and bonus points for special events. We have a separate points system for new players in our M-Series Events.

These Points added up to give us our Cup Winners. As an extra bonus for the top 16 general players and top 8 for M-Series we added special prize drafts.

These drafts and the Prize Giving is this Saturday 7th March.

But there’s more! Because this is also our Store’s Birthday we have added 2 additional Draft Pods so all our players can join in the festivities. These Drafts are at a special price of $10.00.

Saturday Registration is 12:30pm and drafting will begin at 1:00pm.

All the players in the Prize Drafts have now confirmed, but we still have a few $10 Birthday Draft seats left. To join in the fun and support your fellow players please book now!

Prize Giving will be at 5:00pm, friends and family are welcome, so ensure you invite them to come along at 5:00pm, too.

Friday Night Magic is on as usual, 5:30pm Registration for a 6:00pm start.
Sunday M-Series starting at 1:00 pm.

Thank You for your support throughout this year. We hope you have a Magic filled 2015.

Bill and Chris
iLike Magic

PS. and there will be cake;-)

PSS. the Dragons of Tarkir booking page is available now:

To summarise, coming up this weekend:
Friday: FNM Draft $20, 5:30
Saturday: Prizegiving and Birthday. 24 prize winners draft for free, others $10. 12:30
Sunday: M-Series, $5

[iLike Magic] - Book Now for Birthday Draft - Saturday Modern

Kia Ora Bill,

The Dragons are coming… Dragons of Tarkir Prerelease , March 21st booking page will be up soon.

Before we get to Dragons we have our special iLike Magic Birthday celebration on the 7th March.

Those who have won a place in the 3 main pods need to let us know you are coming (if you haven’t already) please!

For everyone else we have 2 extra draft pods on Saturday 7th for the special price of $10.00. This lets you support the prize giving and make the most of a final Khans of Tarkir / Fates draft. (and you’ll score points in this years iLike Magic Cup!)

This will be a full and exciting day. Oh and did I mention that it’s the iLike Magic store’s birthday - that means cake and cookies.

Please, book for the Birthday draft online now, this will help Bill organise the space.

This weekend
Friday - Draft
Saturday - Modern
Sunday - M-Series, Practice Conspiracy drafting

The last Saturday of February is looming, and as you know, that means we’ll be playing Modern.

Chris is busy tweaking her deck, hoping to score more 2015 Cup points…

Registration from 12:30, play starts at 1pm. $8.

Chris & Bill
iLike Magic

[iLike Magic] - Fate Game Day Events

Kia Ora Bill,

It’s been great to have so many familiar faces return to Dunedin over the last couple of weeks, and really cool to make lots of new friends as well.

There’s a huge weekend of Dunedin Magic coming up: good luck to everyone taking part in the various events. In particular best wishes to those playing Modern at the PPTQ on Saturday.

This weekend at iLike:
Friday evening: FNM Booster Draft, $20
Saturday afternoon: Game Day Standard, $8
Sunday afternoon: Bonus Standard Event, $8

If you have registered online for any of our events this weekend, we will ensure your seat is held for you. Please let us know if for some reason you are unable to make it.

Friday’s FNM Booster is Fate Reforged / Khans of Tarkir / Khans of Tarkir. $20, registration 5:30pm, draft begins at 6.

Saturday is our main Game Day event. The Champion playmat is particularly awesome, and the promos are great too. And still at our regular price of $8. Register at 12:30 for a 1pm start.

Sunday we’re holding a bonus event, so that those who want to play Modern at the PPTQ don’t miss out on their Standard. $8 Registration at 12:30, play will start at 1.

See you here!

[iLike Magic] Now and Then

Kia Ora Bill,

Another great weekend of Magic, thanks to everyone for welcoming Richard and giving him a good thrashing 8)

Sorry this email is late, new computer game has been taking up our evenings! Remember, our website always has what’s coming up, as well as the outline of the schedule for Saturdays’ Formats…

This weekend, Magic as usual:
Friday: Fate/Khans booster draft begins at 6. $20 - 1 Fate, 2 Khans boosters, registration 5:30
Saturday: First Saturday of the month, so it’s Standard. Play starts at 1pm, registration 12:30. $8
Sunday: M-Series from 12:30, $5

Looking forward to the weekend of 13-15th…
A few months ago, when the Wizards system was accepting bookings for Fate Reforged special events, we booked Games Day to be on, well, Games Day: Saturday 14th.
Unfortunately, this worked out to be the day that Grant booked MegaZone’s PPTQ. So while we’re still holding our official Games Day Event on the 14th, we’re going to have Standard again on Sunday 15th, so that those who want to play Modern at the PPTQ don’t miss out on their Standard.

Because there will be a lot of visitors in town over the the weekend of 13-15th, BOOKINGS WILL BE ESSENTIAL for all three events: we don’t want you guys to miss out, so get online and book Read More...

[iLike Magic] News Summary - Launch Weekend Events

Halloa Bill,

The Fate Reforged Prerelease is now behind us and we look forward to launch weekend.

Although this is a small set we will be giving it pride of place over the weekend.

This is the last day to get your prepaid preorders in for Fate Reforged Buy a Box and Fat Packs. If you would like one of these please email us or use our online store

Friday: Launch Draft, $20, registration 5:30
Saturday: Intro Pack Sealed, $20, registration 12:30
Sunday: 2 Headed Dragon, $15 each, registration 12:30

Because Launch Weekend activities continue on Sunday, there will be no M-Series as such, but emerging players are more than welcome to join us for Saturday and Sunday’s events.

We have the Sandsteppe Mastodon promo foil for all weekend participants, while stocks last.

As a special for this Friday Night Magic Fate Reforged Launch we are going to draft 2 pack of Fate and only 1 (not 11) of Khans. This is a one off draft, next week we will be back to 1 Fate and 2 Khans packs.

Saturday we have our special sealed Intro Pack event. This is like a mini Prerelease for $20.00. You receive an Intro Pack, which includes 2 boosters. From these cards you build a 40 Card Deck. You can find the deck lists online ( ). If you have a Clan preference please email us, ASAP.

Sunday we have more Fate Reforged goodness, 2 Headed Giant Draft with a twist. We’re calling it 2 Headed Dragon: the same as 2HG but each team has a shared mana pool. This means it will be insanely fast and we will see some very large dragons. I think it will be fun. $15.00 per person, and you keep the cards you draft, or split them with your team mate however the two of you agree.

We’re looking forward to having you back with us soon. Remember that you can get special Preorder prices on sealed product from our online store if you order and pay today.

We can courier your product tomorrow afternoon, or hold it in the vault for you until you return. Read More...

[iLike Magic] - This Weekend - M-Series

Kia Ora Bill,

It’s that time of year again…

Spoilers are complete, courier drivers have been taught our new address, packs have been checked, prizes have been sorted, games devised… it’s time for a Prerelease!

Please note: No M-Series this weekend, because of the Prerelease!

What’s happening at iLike this weekend…
16th - Friday Night Magic, 5:30 registration
Gameplay begins at 6:00pm, $20.00. This will be the last Khans-Khans-Khans Draft!

17th - Fate Reforged Prerelease, Sold Out
10:00am - 5:30pm : A full day of Magic

18th - Fate Reforged Prerelease,
10:00am - 5:30pm : A full day of Magic

We hope you’ve had an excellent holiday break, and are refreshed and relaxed and ready to return to Dunedin soon.

Remember, there will be NO M-Series this weekend! It’s time to put your knowledge and skills to the test in the Fate Reforged Prerelease.

Chris & Bill
iLike Magic

[iLike Magic] - Reforging Fate - This Weekend - The Clans are Gathering... - M-Series

Kia Ora Bill and All Dragons and Khans,

The Fate Reforged Prerelease is upon us.

It is now time to select your clans and make your payments, please. More details about the PreRelease events are on our site.

As you know we only have just enough packs for those who can come. It’s important to get your payment and clans picks to us promptly: we allocate packs in payment order.

Please mark your payment FRF PR and deposit it to:
03 0846 0123469 26 (That’s Westpac Greymouth)
The prerelease packs are $40 each

Please email us with details of your payment and your clan choice.

An unfortunate cancellation has made one last seat available for Saturday. Sunday is filling up. If you haven’t made your booking yet, now is the time. Please visit our web page and book your seat.
We don’t want you to miss out.

This Weekend:
FNM on Friday
Standard on Saturday
M-Series on Sunday

Thanks everyone for your support!

Coming up at iLike Magic this Weekend…

FNM on Friday, Khans draft $20, 5:30 registration for a 6pm start
Standard on Saturday, $8, registration from 12:30 for a 1pm start
M-Series on Sunday from 12:30, $5

We are sad you may not be back to Dunedin in time to join us this Prerelease but I’m sure you will have great fun at whichever Prerelease you get to! Please take some photos and post them on FB or send them through to us, we would love to see how your Prerelease Day goes.

For those who can’t get to a Prerelease at all, and would like a prerelease pack, please let Bill know your interest in case we have 1 or 2 left over.

See you after 12:30 on Sunday for lots of fun with Pack Wars and the Khans cube. Bring your decks along too!

Chris & Bill
iLike Magic

[iLike Magic] Interplanar Greetings - Open as usual! - Friends is Far Places - M-Series is on Sunday

Kia Ora Bill,

A great weekend was had by all, with some awesome Commander beat-downs on Monday to finish it off.

We only have three correct entries in the Holiday Gift Box competition. Some of the decks have really challenged people, so we’re allowing everyone to have another attempt at getting in the draw… Get to the site, read the deck lists, and pick the names for the decks!

Wishing you a most excellent Christmas!

The store will be open from 12:30 as usual this weekend… This will be the last opportunity for local players to earn points in the iLike Magic Cup!

Friday 26th (Boxing Day), from 6 in the evening we’ll be drafting Khans boosters. The mythics just keep on putting in their appearances!

Saturday 27th is our last Standard event of the year. We’ve seen some interesting decks being tested, now its time to put them to work… As usual, $8, registration at 12:30 for a 1pm start.

Sunday 28th will be M-Series as usual.

Take care, travel safely, and remember you have one final chance at earning points in the iLike Magic Cup by correctly guessing the deck names in the Holiday Gift Box competition!


[iLike Magic] - This Weekend - Holiday Points! - Khans Uncommons are In!

Kia Ora Bill,

Another great weekend of Magic fades into history, and we’re poised for the next… Follow the action on our website:

- - Reminder about this weekend’s events:

* Friday, Khans of Tarkir Draft, $20. Registration by 5:30 for a 6pm start.
* Saturday, EDH/Commander, $8. Can you make it to the winners table? Register at 12:30 for a 1pm start. Remember that you need to use the same deck throughout the event!
* Sunday, M-Series, $5. Pack Wars then Khans Peasant Cube Draft.

- - We’ve been surprised by how challenging the Holiday Gift Box competition has been. And we’ve had a bit of an issue with our website hiding the links to the deck lists, so we’re giving our travelling folk the opportunity to have another couple of tries to see if you can match the titles to the decks.

- - We had a great afternoon at M-Series last Sunday. MultiPlayer Pack Wars is a thing! Hamish managed to hold on to his lead in the Cup points, but the pressure is mounting.

We had a good draft with the Khans Cube. This week we’re adding uncommon into the cube, to allow you to experiment with some additional strategies in Khans.

And of course, the real challenge: impress your opponents with great deck building and awesome play to gain the prize for Planeswalker of the Day!

M-Series Cup Points can be checked at

[iLike Magic] Magic News this Week World Wide Coverage M-Series

Greetings Bill,

Before we review last weekend and look at what’s coming up this weekend, a heads-up for the next big event on Magic’s calendar: Fate Reforged!

Fate Reforged (FRF) is the small set that we’ll be drafting with the Khans of Tarkir set until March. Fate Reforged tells the key part of the story, as Sarkhan and Sorin set the scene for the return of the Dragons of Tarkir.

PreRelease for Fate Reforged with be Saturday and Sunday 17th and 18th. Seats are limited for these events, and as you know, it doesn’t take long for us to sell out. So get yourself to
and book your place!

Of course, the next big event on everyone’s calendar is Christmas. We have gift solutions suitable for Magic Players of all ages. We can even take orders and supply Gift Certificates by email: let your significant others know they can email to get you sorted!



iLike Magic News this weekend

Kia Ora Bill,

Time’s just whizzing by - NCEA 2014 is receding into memory, allowing the Secondary students to get some quality Magic time in, and Holiday Gift Boxes already on sale.

We’ve had a lot of fun with the new Commander decks and cards. Bill even made the Commander finals on Saturday, but couldn’t stand up to Joe or Oscar’s decks.

Coming up this weekend:
FNM is a Khans Draft as usual
This is the last Saturday of the month, so of course it’s Modern again
Sunday’s M-Series will be our final Theros draft.

We still have some colours of Commander 2014 decks in stock, and are trying to keep up with the demand those lovely Khans of Tarkir Holiday boxes. An ideal Christmas gift for a Magic player near you…

This weekend in more detail:

We’ll be helping celebrate the end of exams with plenty of jamming from 12:30 this afternoon and Monday, then at 5:30 we’ll clear the decks for registrations for Friday Night Magic. $20 for a Khans of Tarkir Booster Draft which will get under way at 6pm, with the last of those awesome Brain Maggots up for grabs.

Saturday’s Modern will be great fun. Many of our players have been working hard on their decks, and competition at the top will be fierce. If you’re just learning about the Modern format, and don’t have a deck yet, come along and watch. Perhaps even borrow a deck and join in! Many of us are still finding our feet in this challenging environment. Only $8 each for a great afternoon of Magic. Registration is at 12:30, and play starts at 1.

Sunday M-Series, an opportunity for friends and family to learn to play Magic. 12:30, $5.

Chris & Bill
iLike Magic

[iLike Magic] News

Salutations Planeswalker Bill,

What a great EDH weekend we had! All our new Commander decks have flown off the shelf, but we’ll be restocked by Friday.

Summary for this weekend:
Friday - FNM Khans of Tarkir Draft
Saturday - Standard
Sunday - M-Series

A couple of things to note… Firstly, Jacob’s misplaced his Magic folder. Please check that it’s not hiding in among yours, and let us know if you find it so we can set his mind at ease!

Secondly, Online Events… Summer holidays have started for many, and our players are currently scattered from Invercargill to Vietnam. We really feel for Tony and others who are missing out on playing Magic. Bill’s wondering how we can meet up online for a match or 2. Friends in Game Centre can play each other in the iPad version of Duels of the Planeswalkers 2015: can you select other players in the Steam version? Or maybe cockatrice? Please let Bill know your ideas on how to do this!

Also, a reminder that M-Series is about learning to play Magic. If you have friends or family who would like to learn this great game, please feel free to bring them to the store on Sundays. As well as the learner decks we’ve built, we’re learning to draft and deckbuild using the store’s growing collection of cubes. We’ve even got a whole separate M-Series Cup competition running.

More details on our events this weekend…

We will be opening at 12:30pm for our players to come down and test their decks for Saturday. There’ll probably be a bit of casual EDH too - these new C14 decks seem to fire very quickly!

Registration time for FNM is 5:30, and play begins at 6. We’re drafting Khans of Tarkir, $20 each.

Standard tournament $8.00. Registration at 12:30pm, game play begins 1:00pm. We’re expecting a wide range of players and decks.

We will be open at about 12:00 and close up around 5:30.

M-Series $5.00. Registration and Pack Wars from 12:30, Theros Cube 1:30. Read More...

[iLike Magic] FNM Toughest Draft

Greetings Goblins and other Creature Types,

This weekend we have a fun packed adventure planed, or maybe some Magic.

Friday Night Magic:
Pod 1, Many of you have asked what is the Toughest Draft? the best guess so far has been juggling burning boosters while blindfolded, this is almost right. But I can assure you there will be no flames and you even may be able to see the cards! As always Pod 1 is limited to 8 places, so please register early!

Pod 2 will be our last grab bag for a while as we use up the last of our odd boosters.

Registration will open from 5:00pm, it's $20.00 and play will begin at 6:00pm.

Teams Sealed on Saturday for those who can make it. If you are not currently in a team, don’t worry come along and we will find a place for you. This is a great event, and helps with deck building, coaching and general play. If you haven't joined in with this event before and would like details, email us!

Registration will open from 12:30pm $15.00 each player and play will begin at 1:00pm.

M-Series, Registration will open from 12:30pm $5.00 each player. Pack Wars at 1pm, cube draft will begin at 1:30pm.

I’ve got other goss to share but we’ll leave that for the weekend…
And we have now set our next months program, it should be on our site by now...

Bill and Chris
iLike Magic

[iLike Magic] Cards for Cash

Hey All,

New news! As you know, while we think trading is great, we don’t like people using our store for selling cards! But some rules can be broken from time to time, and this Saturday and Sunday we will be hosting an MTG Bring and Buy. 

Yes, that's right: you bring in the the cards you wish to sell for $$$. If you want to buy cards, bring in your $$$. Maybe, a chance to get some cash for Christmas...

Note: This is not the store selling singles, these are player to player sales. iLike Magic offers no guarantee, warranty or refunds. 

What else is on this weekend:
24th October: Friday Night Magic, Khans of Tarkir Draft, $20.00. Registration from 5:30pm. Play starts at 6:00pm.

25th October: Modern. $8.00 per player, Registration 12:30 play begins at 1:00pm. The Give Peace a Chance Modern Event.

26th October: M-Series, $5.00 per player. Registration 12:30, play begins at 1:00pm.

27th October: Labour Day. Open as usual from 12:30

See you there
Bill and Chris

[iLike Magic] Si

saludo planeswalkers,

This weekends events:

10th October : Friday Night Magic, Khans of Tarkir Draft, $20.00. Registration from 5:30pm. Play starts at 6:00pm.

Saturday 11th - Themed Decks, $8.00, Fun Deck points for Closest to Theme, Fun to Play against and Strangest Cards.

Themed Decks should be 60+ cards, constructed decks, based on a strong theme. They can have any normal magic cards (legacy/kitchen table).

The winner of each match gets 1 point.
You rate your opponents deck.
How well did the deck follow its theme - 10 points
Was the deck fun to play against - 10 points
Magic has many strange themed cards, did you see new cards - 4 points
4 Rounds of Swiss, should give us a total of the possible 100 points per deck.

Sunday 12th - M-Series,  Kitchen Table, so bring your 60 Card Decks, Registration $5.00 per player: 12:30 play begins at 1:00pm

And we will have news of our players from the Ch-Ch event.

Billario and Christabel
iLike Magic

Chris & Bill
iLike Magic

(Nobody expects the spanish inquisition!)

[iLike Magic] Whatz Up

Aloha Planeswalkers,

The dust begins to settle across Tarkir, as the great clans regroup.

This Friday Night: FNM Khans of Tarkir Draft, $20.00, registration at 5:30pm, play starts at 6:00pm.

Saturday: EDH : Commander, $8.00. Registration  at 12:30pm play begins at 1:00pm.

and Sunday: 
M-Series $5.00, from 12:30
Ladder Final from 3:00pm. This will be the last Ladder event, we will re-evaluate next year.

See you there
Chris & Bill

[iLike Magic] Prerelease and Launch Party News

Greetings Planeswalkers!

Breaking News:
We have had a cancelation for the Khans Prerelease: Mark and his girls are still moving house and can’t make it. This leaves 2 spots open, (1 has already been snapped up).
Chris and/or I can swap days so you can have either Saturday or Sunday.
Contact us now, if you want one of these 2 last spots.

FNM Friday 19th - Final M15 Draft
Saturday and Sunday Prerelease. Event starts at 10am, Sealed Deck tournament starts 12:45
No M-Series

With the Prerelease almost here, it’s time to glance past this weekend to the Launch Party. Everyone who has booked for these events so far has their seat reserved!

FNM - Friday 26th - the first Khans of Tarkir  Booster Draft, $20.00. I’m thinking this could be a slower set? It will sure be an interesting evening!
We have 2 open seats, please book to ensure your place.
Saturday 27th, Sealed Deck. $20.00 Each player gets an Intro Pack from which they build a 40 card deck. This event is great value as the Intro Packs are normally $24.95.
We have 4 open seats - please book to ensure your place.
Sunday, 2Headed Giant Draft. $20.00 per person. This is another great way to build your card collection laying the foundation for Standard. If you don’t have a teammate don’t worry as there will be others who need a partner. This event is a lot of fun.
We still have space for 4 pairs.

I know bookings are a pain and we would love to dispense with them but we don’t want people to miss out!

[iLike Magic] Kharns of Tarkir Prerelease

Welcome, assorted sentient beings of the Multiverse!,
We are using the same timetable for this Prerelease, as so many people told us how much fun they had at the previous ones. You are free to arrive when you would like, and take part in only the events you wish to, we want it to be your choice. 
But there are no “prize boosters” for attending - if you are not here at the time of a challenge or spot prize, or choose not to take part in a challenge, then you will not be eligible for its prize. We will make an exception for those who wish to pop out to vote.
Please, feel free to bring snacks and lunch if you are here for the whole day, we don’t want you to get hungry.
Here is a list of the challenges, times, and prize pools:
10:00 - 10:30 Uncommonly Good (max 1 prize per player (study the spoilers))
10:30 - 11:00 Pack Wars (match winners)
10:30 - 3:00 Spot Prizes (max 1 prize per player)
12:45 - 5:00 The Main Competition, 4 Rounds of Swiss:
8th - 4th, 1 booster
3rd, 2 boosters
2nd, 3 boosters
1st, 4 boosters
We will do our best to ensure everyone has a fun day, and we hope everyone is a winner. Remember, all prizes are at our discretion and our decisions will be final.
If you have decided on a Clan please let us know (if you haven't already), clan choices are now running low so please give us a couple of options and let us know ASAP. Read More...

News till 12th September

Friday began with the opening of Speed and Cunning, players popped in and grabbed their new decks. After a few rounds of EDH, things started to get busy. Friday Nigh Magic was great, our Pod battled it out trying to head off Mark, but he took the high ground and won the day.

Saturday saw us arriving to a mass of people waiting to get in the store and have a few games before Standard began. A big field of all kinds of decks made a start, I was hoping Mono Black would go the distance, but went down in round 1 to Ben’s control deck. I just couldn’t push through in the second and third games. Over in room 1, there was also a battle between 2 burn decks. Not good match ups but random will do that. Round 2 split the field with control and burn favourites. Chris’ RG was firing and she had her second win, next match Alex C. She put a great battle to go 1-2 but control just dug in and ground out the win. We cut to a top 4 and Alex C took the top place winning every match of his day! Well done!

Sunday, we had a fun day planed. First up we had a meeting with the parents of our younger players outlining the M-Series Cup, then they went on to open boosters for our Conspiracy Cube. Over in the other room the Captains who could make it, drafted M15. There was just enough room for our EDH players to battle it out and a few Ladder matches. Andrew moving up another rung. We were very pleased to have a visit from old friends from Omaru, they had came down to buy Magic cards and discovered the day before they knew us from our Wellington days. Now their boys are loaded up with decks and going back to join in the local games.

Monday afternoon I worked on our Pauper Cube, to have it ready for next M-Series. I will need some help on this;-) Read More...

[Like Magic] Penultimate M15 Draft

Kia ora, assorted sentient beings of the Multiverse!

Khans of Tarkir is almost upon us, 8 more sleeps…

Just a quick update on what’s happening at iLike Magic this weekend.

Friday Night Magic, the penultimate M15 Draft, $20.00.
We know you'll all support this event as the proceeds from this Draft go towards the entry fees and accommodation for our 3 sponsored players heading to the October 11/12th: Wizards Retreat Players Championships in Christchurch.

Saturday - Standard Constructed 2 Headed Giant. If you don’t have a teammate don’t worry, grab your decks and come on down. We’ll find someone who also needs a partner. This will be a fun day and our last Standard event before Rotation. $8.00, registration 12:30pm for a 1:00pm start.

Sunday - M-Series will be taking more space. This week M-Series players will be drafting a store cube. But there should still be room for Ladder play. Remember Ladder Challenges can be in any agreed format, $1 per challenge.

That’s about it, nothing too stressful for this weekend. If you haven't booked for your Launch Weekend events, head to our site and secure your seat.
Thanks

[iLike Magic] Journey into Nyx - Prize Support Update

Hi Guys and Gals,

You are receiving this email because you attended our Journey into Nyx Prerelease.

Some of you asked why you didn’t get your expected level of prize support. As we explained at the time, the reason was because we didn’t get any prize support from Wizards. iLike Magic provided all the prizes for that event.

We have been following up with Wizards about this ever since.

On 1st September we received this:
P.S – I sent your 14 units of M15 boosters we owed you from last Pre release. I wasn’t able to get any from the release before…

So we have now been officially told that there will be no prize support from Wizards for the Journey into Nyx prerelease. We're sorry about this, we know that our Wizards rep did his best to help us, and we accept that there's nothing more he can do.

For those of you who are concerned about such things, Wizards have recently made some changes to their PreRelease prize structure. For us, that translates to a small reduction in the amount of booster prize support. So if your loot is a little lighter next prerelease, it is not the fault of the store. Please revise your expectations accordingly. Read More...

[iLike Magic] Weekend Magic, M-Series Cup Begins

Greetings, assorted sentient beings of the Multiverse!

This weeks mid-week news: There is a new FaceBook group in town: “Dunedin Magic”. Search it up and jump on in. If you like it, invite other Magic Players you know. 

Please don’t feed the trolls. (There is one long, torturous thread that you might like to skip... it will be Admin-ed away some time soon.)

What’s on this Weekend
FNM M15 Draft, last "Fifth Friday" draft was a blast, now back to normal. We are trying to organise the next "Fifth Friday" event for the end of October. if Plan A comes together out you will need to have a good knowledge of M15 cards, so make the most of these last few M15 drafts;-) 

Registration 5:30 for a 6pm start, $20.00

Saturday is Standard - decks Constructed from M14 and M15 core sets as well as the Return to Ravnica and Theros blocks. Make the most of it! 12:30 registration, 1pm start, $8.00

Sunday, we have the Captains Table, for the Teams' Captains.

While the Captains are busy in Room1, in Room 2 is the first event in the M-Series Cup. 

With other events replacing Sunday casual play, we've amped up our M-Series events. M-Series is for emerging players (those who have been playing less than a year or so), Junior players (students from about years 6 -10), and other teens wanting to widen their play group. If you are, or know, players in these groups, encourage them to come along. The event costs $5 and includes an M15 booster.
We will have 2 weeks of M-Series before the Khans of Tarkir Prerelease.There will be a short meeting for parents and players at 12:30pm to outline the Cup program. Play starts at 1:00pm. 
Please note, you will not need a deck or cards to join in this event! But please bring your decks along so you can play after the event while waiting for your transport to arrive. Parents are more than welcome to stay and join in (no charge)!

This email's been too long, but one more thing…
Friday is also the release day for the Speed Vs Cunning Duel Decks. These include some of the new wedge lands and as well as other cool Khans of Tarkir cards. $29.95.

[iLike Magic] Fifth Friday Special Draft

Hi fellow Plainswalkers,

I’ll start with a big thank you for all the fun we had last Friday and Saturday!

Our troubles with those Sunday “Casual” players has escalated with “somebody” feeling they needed to report us to Wizards. Many of you will know where that came from. I would recommend you do what I’ve done: unsubscribe from that Facebook group.

If you would like to make your voice heard about iLike Magic before we have to explain ourselves Thursday morning, feel free to email

Lets keep it positive and have another great weekend of Magic...
Friday Night is the “Fifth Friday Special Draft”, $20.00. Registration from 5:30, Draft starts at 6pm
Saturday we have our Modern and EDH events, $8.00. Registration from 12:30, Events start at 1pm
AND on Sunday, the Ladder Finals, Learn to Play and if we’re good, Cube ($5). As an added bonus you might get to see Bill “spit the dummy”.

Thanks for your support, see you soon
Bill & Chris
iLike Magic
Dunedin

[iLike Magic] Last Conspiracy Draft

Another Wintery Week, looking forward to a Magic weekend!

First off: FNM - M15 Draft
We have been doing a little research and think we have some fun ideas to help when our numbers don’t exactly fit 2 draft Pods. 
We will be introducing Team Drafting. There are 2 types, one where you know your team members before and the other where teams are decided after the draft. I’ll put up more details in the Friday Night Magic section of our site.

Saturday Magic
This Saturday will be our last full Conspiracy Draft (until the hinted at new set arrives). There should be some boosters left over and we will be using these as another option for Pod 2 when FNM numbers don’t make full Pods. 


[iLike Magic] M15 Game Day

Hi Planeswalkers,

This is an update for M15 Game Day. Everything should be great unless our parcels get hit by snow.

We have reserved your seat, thanks, and are looking forward to a great day with you

On Saturday we will be opening earlier: 11:00am. You are welcome to come in then to tweak your decks and explore your Intro Pack.

Remember, at this point in time Standard is at its biggest: your deck can include cards from Return to Ravnica, Gatecrash, Dragons Maze, M14, Theros, Born of the Gods, Journey into Nyx AND M15.

If you you have paid and given me your colour choice, Thanks and that’s all for now.

If you have yet to pay, read on...

to speed along the registration process you can make your payment in advance via internet banking: $20.00 with the reference Game Day to

Once your payment is made it’s time to choose your colours. With all the intro packs being dual coloured we should be able to give you one of your colour choices. Please, email me your preference.

You can review the intro pack deck lists and colours here:

You can also pay with cash at registration. Remember that we do not have EFTPos, but we do have Internet banking available.

iLike Magic] Game Day Weekend is here.

Hi Planeswalkers,

Friday FNM is M15 Draft, more cards for your Saturday decks.

We are now booking for Game Day, many of you have got your names down and we have ordered the Into Packs. Your packs are to help you flesh out your “Standard” decks, if you don’t need the cards for your deck that’s fine. You can always trade with those in need if you get here early enough.

I have now added a separate voting page for the Prerelease Photo Competition, I want to give out the prize boosters for this on Game Day, so get your votes in now! You can vote as often as you want, for as many photos as you wish.

See you soon,
Chris and Bill
iLike Magic