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News till 6th Nov

Friday afternoon we jammed some standard until FNM. Being a 5th Friday we tried to mix it up with 2 different drafts. Pod 1 drafted in Spanish, French and Portuguese, while Pod 2 had a grab bag of the last odds boosters. Sadly, M15 took the edge off the multilingual draft, lesson learnt “Don’t organise things too far in advance”.

Saturday, on to Teams and another packed event. These team events are extremely hard fought, with the final result going down to a game count. Well done to all the teams and players and a special shout out to Team Hassall you guys had a solid first event.

Sunday was a special day, nothing quite like playing a hard core Modern Combo! I know I speak for all the lucky players in the draft with thanks Alex for making that possible.

Monday, we had a nice afternoon playing Commander with Tony before he headed back to Vietnam, we miss all our hard working students and look forward to their return in the New Year. Read More...

News till 3rd Oct

As I sit down to write up this weekends iLike Magic highlights, my mind is a blur. What a Launch Party!

We started with some fun EDH on Friday afternoon, Ed smashing Prossh with Armageddon, Aggressive Mining and a number of other shenanigans resulting in the massive 427 alpha strike.

As the players gathered we knew we were going to be close to our max players for the first Khans of Tarkir draft. And we were, right on the limit, full house. What a great night! The drafts went well and there were some great card pulls. Fetches, Planeswalkers and mythics. The pods were evenly matched and we all had great games. It was excellent to have so many first time drafters. Thank you all, for your support and making it a great night.

Saturday, we knew we were booked out, yet still they kept coming, with a cancelation and Chris and I making space everyone had an Intro Pack. Deck building and booster packs opened. The games commenced. Another fun day, 4 rounds of swiss and we needed a play off for first place. Very close matches. Thank you Kit for being so patient. I think the big surprise was Alex B, using the stock 60 card deck, winning over all the 40 card decks. Maybe Wizards can build great Intro Decks;-) And it was clan Sultai too.

Sunday, we moved on to 2Headed Giant Draft, this is a fun format to draft. Our 6 giants, had a lot of fun. A special shout out to James S for his coaching and encouragement of Hamish, you really had to lead the charge on your team, thank you. Read More...

Just a quick update from our lengthy call to Wizards of the Coast this week

Just a quick update from our lengthy call to Wizards of the Coast this week.
1. They are very happy with iLike Magic and you all! ( we are not in any trouble)
2. They affirmed that Chris and Bill are the only people who can decide what does or does not happen at our store and events.
3. We agreed that declaring a universal ban of “Casual” play did not send the message iLike Magic and WoC want to send to the wider community, but they fully understand the many issues that led to us making that call.
(Now the crunch)
4. Wizards expect us to eliminate disruptive behaviour by banning offenders from our store.

Thank you all for your support!

Jouney into Nyx Prerelease

As we worked towards the goal of getting this Prerelease for Dunedin we were repeatedly told it was too late. These event are booked months in advance. Read More...