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News Till 5th November

A very special Thank you to all those who made the Prerelease weekend loads of fun, not just for Chris and I but for each other as well. Without your great support we couldn’t achieve these fun events. Thank you.

Now to the answer to the Crack the Code competition.
I was so impressed with those who found a way through this mental maze. I had lots of fun designing it, so I’ll give you all some spoilers.

News til 1st Oct

Exciting, very exciting, the Battle for Zendikar Prerelease is upon us. This set has taken us by surprise, the build up and preorders have been nearly double our previous set releases. We asked ourselves if we should have hired the big room again, but decided that the fun and atmosphere of our normal playrooms was better. So again we have had to limit the numbers we can host. The other option is to run additional flights and if Magic keeps growing we might have to do this. The down side is we like to have an all day event for you all. Our current format give us the morning to explore the new set and build our decks, if we tried to rush through a morning flight that would have to go.
The biggest change we are making is the prize structure, because of the number of players we are limited to, there is often a hiccup with finding the right balance. We now think we have it right. Each match win you will receive a prize booster. There will be 4 rounds of Swiss and cut to top 4. As you know we like to ensure we are all winners, everyone who arrives in the first hour gets a chance to win Uncommonly Good. If you are here for Pack Wars then there is another cool prize. During the rest of the morning there are spot prizes for everyone. Lastly we have an activity you can try during the downtime, which may earn you additional boosters. Everyone should go home with some extra goodies and a full fun day of Magic, even if you don't win a game!

News Till 20th August

Friday Night Draft was a fun night, and last chance to win the Promo Path to Exile. the good news is we have a few left over and we will be using these for additional prizes at our upcoming events.

Personally, I love Drafting. I find it’s one of the more exciting formats as a beginner to medium player. There is a great sense of community as you share the boosters with the group. The challenge of trying to find the right cards for your deck. It is very unusual to build the same deck. Then deck building and play is always new and dynamic. While a great Drafter has an advantage, there is always a chance that I might get an upset win, I really enjoy those match ups. And I get to keep the cards.
But regular Drafting can feel expensive, especially if there are 2 drafters in the family. I think of it in comparison to other evenings of entertainment. The cost of going to the movies, or an evening at the pub, going to hear a band, these are also fun and cost real money. We may not be able to do these things every week, but I encourage you all the do these things regularly. Put FNM on your entertainment schedule, come and Draft once in a while too, it’s fun.

For more information of Booster Drafting

News Till 4th August

What a great FNM, Modern Masters draft was fun, with a last minute swop around meant I was able to jump in too. Remember we have a bookings page up at the store so if you want to join in next month, pop in and put your name down. there is only a single pod each month. We also have a special discount if you also attend another FNM event.

Oh, and yes Alex pulled a Mox Opal so I now only have 1 to find. Glimervoids and Arcbounds are high on my wish list too.

Round Robin Modern with a little Standard to help make up numbers. A fun afternoon and friendly competition. Thanks Chris, Harry and Brenden. And congratulations Harry for winning all your games.

Sunday was a fun afternoon. Thanks to everyone helping Max learn EDH. Also, thanks to Callum and Tony for helping get the store EDH decks back to being usable. Read More...

News Till 25th July

Launch weekend was a fun weekend!

FNM had 2 full pods and we drafted Origins for the first time. This is going to be a fun set to draft, with lots of deck types. There were also a good number of Planeswalkers opened.

Saturday we played Intro Pack sealed. This was also full with 10 players building 40card decks from the 10 Intro Packs. Green/Black Elves was very strong but it was a close battle. Ben M and Garth had a very close battle for first. Congratulations to Garth for winning the day.

Sunday we had our Origins 2 Headed Draft, this is a fun format. The draft takes a while but it’s great fun opening 6 boosters and building 2 decks. The games were also close, we battled hard with Rogues Passage saving our bacon. Brenden and I faced Callum and Chris P in the final, there decks and play was just too good, congratulations!

Next week we have 2 drafts at Friday Night Magic, there will be the Modern Masters Draft which is fully booked, and an Origins Draft for the rest of us. This will be a great night. Fingers crossed for a Mox Opal. Read More...

News Till 7th July

Hi guys, we wanted to let everyone know we are not hiring the extra room for the Origins Prerelease. Player numbers have been way down at the store and we think this will be a very small prerelease.

If you haven’t booked your seat and want to attend please book ASAP as there may be a last minute rush. Book here…

Also the MM2 draft was great with a full pod.

Saturday’s Modern was fun with the decks doing very well. Thanks to all the players who made it to this event. We’re getting better. Read More...

News Till 16th June

It’s great to see the changes in the Magic Cup points.

Sorry for falling behind, my system does need Chris in the mix, but we are all caught up and what a close run it’s becoming.

Friday Night Magic a win for Garth moved him up into the tiebreaker spot on the Modern Masters pod, that’s 3 of us battling for this place. Friday was a great night’s play and Garth a well earned win.

Saturday’s Standard saw Andrew move into first place overall with a Heroic win (see what I did there) and Davis T came in with a well earned second, moving him up into the standing for the second pod.

I will be very interesting to see how these placing battled out over the next few months.


In the next week we will be organising the Origin’s Pre-release bookings page. We have decided that we are not going to repeat the scale of the Dragons of Tarkir Pre-Release. It was fun to run the “biggest” Magic Event held in Dunedin, but we think iLike Magic is better suited to running smaller events. No extra room hire, less running up and down stairs, less panic over booking errors. Lest stress, more fun, that’s why we play Magic after all. I thank Chris for her effort, and we both look forward to playing in our prerelease events.

So look out for the bookings notification to secure your place in the Origin’s Pre-release! Read More...

News Till 9th June

Thanks to everyone who helped with our great Modern Masters weekend.

We had a great FNM draft, numbers are growing and we have some ideas coming to give some of our newer players a sample to this fun format.

Saturday Modern was very exciting, going into round 4 we had half the players on 2 - 1. All the games went to the edge. Well done to Michael, Griselbrand and Emrakul for winning the day. Thank you Paddy for stepping into the Judge role, this let Alex C focus on his play. A special thank you to Lane for travelling all that way to join us.

Sunday’s Modern Masters draft was fun and the rest of us had fun jamming. A full house is good fun.

Queen’s Birthday was a nice fun day of jamming casual. EDH, modern and standard.

And last new, yes the points totals are now updated. It’s a close race for each pods. Read More...

News Till 2nd June

Friday Night Magic was a great night, it was great to see old friends and new players coming in for a draft. The finales were a close call with James battling Garth and Ben playing Alex. Well done James and Alex.

4 Pack Sealed was also a fun day of Magic. It was a lot easier to build the deck than I thought, what cards do I have in 2 colour that add up to more than 17, lol.

The games were also a lot closer than I had expected, but late game the bombs sure made a big impact. Facing down Dragonlord Silumgar and your best card is scoop time. While the finalist battled out, we played EDH. Garth and Andrew went to the wire with Andrew taking the day, well done to everyone for a fun day of Magic.

Sunday afternoon we had a fun day of EDH and Standard. The younger players cracked open some store Intro Packs and played standard. We now have these decks available for standard play at other events too.

Just a quick note about iLike Cup Points and your Wizards DCI event details, with Chris away for 2 weeks we have a back log of data entry. we are working to get caught up and will have everything updated by Saturday morning. (fingers crossed)

Release Details
Modern Masters 2 Booster price $14.90.
Modern Masters 2 Sealed Booster Box price $358.00 stocks will be very limited.

We plan to have a single pod of Modern Masters draft on the last Friday Night Magic of each Month, while stocks last. This pod will have only 8 players.

Once a month by attending a Standard FNM Draft ($20) you can register for your next Modern Masters draft and receive a $10.00 discount. This begins this Friday Night for the Modern Masters 2 Release Night Draft.

Modern Masters Draft $45.00, ($35.00 with a FNM discount) Read More...

News Till 11th May

It has been good to see our FNM numbers slowly recovering from the slump at the end of M15. Dragons is a lot of fun to draft and Fates adds a little spice.

Saturday we played Standard and the competition was hot. Blue, White Heroic took the day, Andrew has honed this deck down to a lean mean fighting machine. it makes my Blue Black Control feel like a lumbering hulk. Well done Andrew.

School holidays has settled and we had a good turnout for M-Series, enough for a Conspiracy draft. This was lots of fun, and saw some great decks with tricky strategies. Casper timed his assault just right, letting Daniel remove the opposition then sweeping in to clean up. Well do Casper!

We have the up coming release of Modern Masters 2 fast approaching. You need to be getting your Pre-Orders in now if you want to capitalise on our great price of $309.00 per box.

There are also a few remaining Dragons Prerelease packs waiting to be picked up. It’s now been over a month and other players are asking if they can have our spare packs. Please, if you want your dice and seeded booster pop in and pick them up. Read More...

News Till 14th April

Next Saturday is Rainbow Steps, and I’d like to explain this format a little more.

iLike Magic has a standing program of events. On each Saturday of the month we cycle through Standard, EDH and Modern. Most of us have set decks for these formats, we tweak them a little but they are mostly known. This is called the meta game. The second Saturday of the month gives us a break from this and moves the focus to our wider card collection and different deck building constraints. Rainbow Steps is just such a format, this week explore your collection and build a new type of deck.

Like all deck building you will want to look at the limits of the format and the new options it gives. A couple of obvious ones in this format are the limit of 5 colour decks and ensuring that the mana base is going to work. Something to remember all Lands must tap for mana, this closes out a few threats such as Wasteland, but also impacts cards like Urborg and the fetch lands. It is also a singular format so the consistency of the deck will be very low, how will you deal with this added randomness.

Also we will be building on this concept for Dragons of Tarkir Game Day the following Saturday, with an EDH “Standard” event. Read More...

News Till 27th Febuary

Friday started with a blast, lots of people come home to Dunedin and Magic, Magic, Magic.

The Friday Night draft was full but we made room for our guest from Wellington, it was a great draft and both pods had fun rounds. When we have oversized drafts and use swiss for the results we are crediting both winners if there is a draw, well done Daniel and Garth. Over in pod 1 our new player from The Magic Flat, Craig to top honours.

Saturday Fate Reforged Gameday was nice and relaxed, we all wanted the play mat. Blue Black control battled, but it was Gene visiting from the North Island who took the prize. We wish him good luck in his PTQ Vancouver this weekend. I’m a little jealous of his travels, but that’s what you can do when you are good at Magic.

Sunday we ran a special Gameday event for our players who couldn’t make it on Saturday. Another fun day, and only 1 blue black control player. Well done Raven for your win.

Monday afternoon we jammed EDH, until Chris had to take me home.

We are currently trying to locate a nice place to hold the iLike Magic Birthday Drafts and the Dragons Prerelease, so please keep an eye out for the updated place/dates and times. Read More...

News till 12th Febuary

iLike Magic is sponsoring 7 players to the PPTQ this weekend, we wish them well. Have fun and play safe.

We have settled on a date for our birthday/prize giving celebrations. Saturday, March 14th - 2015. Mark and James Me, Joe and James S will need to think about their finals, we need a when and what format, to get this happening.

Both James S and Joe will get a prize night draft for their efforts, it’s only the pods/sets that are being decided.

It’s great to catch up with all our students coming home, we look forward to lots of great fun and Magic.

If you missed the latest email or want to re-read some older news there is a link at the bottom of this page - Read More, it’s all archived in there.

Game Day all weekend.

News till 5th Febuary

The excitement of Prerelease behind us we all looked forward to getting our hands on more Fate Reforged.

Friday Night Magic we had a full house for draft, 2 pods. We opted for 2 Fates and a single Khans. It was fun to see the new cards but even I could see Fates is a small spicy set and needs the veg and potato of Khans.

Saturday we had a sealed event with the new Intro Packs. These decks are made for a more balanced event. A lot of fun, there are some really good cards in the new packs. I went for the Hornet Queen deck, while Brenden won the day with the same deck I finished well down the list. Just goes to show it’s all about skill.

Sunday was jammed with Magic. We we with a variant of 2 Headed Giant and the drafting was really good. The matches went a lot slower than expected. I thought the shared mana pool would speed games along. Not really. I got a bit confused at one point and made a miss play, poor James and Will. They didn’t let me forget it. Sorry guys.

Later a small group who had cached their prize M15 boosters used these for a draft. It was a little frightening to see how many cards I had already forgotten. A great draft and games to followed. Thank you all for sharing your hard earned prizes with us.

Monday afternoon was more Magic fun sharing the afternoon with Rick from Melbourne, a visitor from Palmerston North and some of our local players. EDH, Standard and even a splash of Modern. Thanks for a great Launch Weekend.

For those wondering about the YouTube video, FP is one of our younger M-Series players. Very entertaining, (and informative) Read More...

News till 22nd January

What a fantastic weekend!

Friday Night magic was fun with a single pod. Drafting went well and it was fun to introduce young visitors from Wellington to the format. While they couldn’t join us due to time constrains, their enthusiasm was infectious. Their overheard parting comment “Mum, this is the friendliest Magic shop we have ever been to” high praise indeed. Thank you to all who where there and making it so welcoming.

We went on to enjoyed a relaxed evening of magic. Friday was a nice break from the frantic preparation for the Prerelease.

Up early on Saturday morning, putting the final touches on, almost ready. Soon people started arriving and they pitched in too. Almost $1,000 worth of prizes for the weekend. Uncommonly Good, Pack Wars, Spot Prizes, Name the Set and of course the main Swiss competition. All organised and ready.

The day went smoothly and everyone had great picks and fun matches.

Getting up on Sunday morning, we were ready to do it all again. And it was a privilege to share the day with the lads from Oamaru and Omri from Israel. It was a fun day, if a little warm at times. Well done Brenden for your well deserved win.

The lucky picks for the weekend, Raven with 2 Ugin, the Spirit dragon. Wow. Read More...

News till 15th

New Document…

After spending the morning typing up my point of view on Dunedin Magic, I’m not posting it. Why not?that’s simple, 1,600 words, and that’s me trying to be brief. LOL.

So what news, FNM was great with many of us starting to get a good handle on the set, this FNM will be the last Khans only draft. I think on Launch night we are going to start with Khans and 2 Fates, I know this is wrong but we’re all keen to get our hands on these new cards and see how they play.

Saturday was a blast, thanks Ben for coming over and bringing Michel who had a well deserved win. I’m very pleased with our Standard decks, a lot of thought, trading and sharing has gone into them. Now we begin rebuilding.

Sunday was quiet with School holidays in full swing. Did someone say EDH? yeah, lots of EDH.

Monday was nice, some casual Standard all afternoon, just what I needed after an insane week of moving house. Thanks George, I needed that!

We look forward to the Prerelease and Launch Weekend, new cards and lots of fun. Read More...

News till 9th January

The New Year begins, and it will be a fun filled Magic year. We are looking forward to a great line of new releases and new sets of older cards as the year moves forward.

Friday Night Magic began and as a special treat we did a Intro Pack sealed event. I soon became clear that many of you have strong clan preferences. With the Fate Reforged Prerelease almost here we need to start collection your clans for the prerelease. Look for details in this Wednesday's email. Garth started the year with the first iLike Cup points for the FNM win.

Saturday saw our first EDH event. This was great, it's interesting to see the strong 2 player decks struggle with the big final match up. James gets a but thumbs up, while failing to win in the smaller matches he got to decide the final placements. Congrats to Chris who's Elves just kept on coming, and David and Zurgo. A great day of Magic. Thanks everyone.

Sunday and M-Series is ticking along. With just a handful of players we settled on EDH for the format. Finishing the day with a game of EDH Emperor, chaos ensued, and we finally scooped against the combined might of Ed, Chris and Andrew.

News till 1st Jan 2015

Happy Boxing Day
I have updated all the Magic Cup points and this is the current standings going into the final weekend of the year. Good Luck.

Merry Christmas.

One last weekend to earn iLike Magic Cup points. Friday Night Magic and Saturday Standard, for those in the M-Series Sunday is your last day.

For those who have not entered in the Holiday Gift Box competition get your entries in. For those who have maybe you should have another try as we currently only have 3 correct guesses. People are having problems with 3 of the decks, that’s all the clues I can give.

Have a great day!
Bill and Chris

News till 11th Dec

Just a quick run through last weekend,

FNM was great and we’re still getting a full pod each week. This makes for a fun evening. With only one pod the competition is harder, as we have a wide range of experience. This is good but can be a bit daunting. It’s nice to see Andrew and James always in the hunt for top spot. Last week Ed took top spot.

Saturday was a blast, and lots of hilarity. Theme format is worth the $8.00 just in entertainment value. Thank you once again to Oscar who’s stella performance had us all in fits of laughter. Andrew and his deck also kept us laughing. All the decks where great, so good in fact we decided to have a competition, name all the decks and go into the draw for a Holiday Gift Box. (I will also grant 3 iLike Magic Cup points to each player who gets it right)

Sunday we had the Santa Parade and it was very quiet in the playrooms. What better time to try out the Decks in the new Anthology. What did we find? These decks are well matched against there other deck, but they are not well matched across the whole set of 8 decks. Elves v Goblins is a good match up, but Elves v Demons saw the Elves blast the Demons into Hades.

Monday, we had a great afternoon playing EDH, thanks Cas for dropping by. If you can’t get away to play Magic over the busy holiday weekend, remember I’m at the store from 12:30pm Mondays.

We are also well stocked up with Holiday Magic, Intro Decks, Commander, Fat Packs, Holiday Gift Boxes and if anyone needs gift vouchers, let me know and I’ll print one out. Read More...

News till 4th Dec

November is coming to a close and Christmas is right around the corner. It's time for us to stock up for the holiday season.

FNM was fun with another new player finding his way to our store. Thanks to everyone who gave Will a warm welcome, it's never easy joining a new play group but you guys are so welcoming. The draft went well, after taking some time to randomise the seating, fare's fair. Swiss is a hard scoring system, costing Mark a place in the final because of a single game loss. But well done to Ed and Andrew having a clean sweep into top spot, Andrew took the night and the final Brain Maggot (just had to get that into the report). The end of Movember will see those men who supported this cause heading for a razor, well done supporting this great cause.

Saturday we moved on to Modern, and again we are indebted to Alex and everyone who loaned cards to make these desks simply fantastic. My first outing with Birthing Pod was a washout, but it was fun and I always felt I was in with a chance. The upset of the day was Chris piloting BW tokens to the top place, 4 match wins, well done and congratulations. This moves her up in the Magic Cup placing!

Sunday was busy with Chris in the role of Rabblemaster, but we shanghaied some of her M-Series players to join in on James Birthday Draft, it was a great afternoon of Drafting, Packwars,  and EDH, thanks James for letting us share this with you.

Next week December!

News till 27th Nov

Friday night drafting was fun and it great to meet up with our local students who are finishing up their exams.

Saturday EDH was extreme with our rounds getting harder and harder. While Joe played extra fair in the last round, I was the meanie and started the killing. Oscar we on to win the day, well done everyone!

M-Series is growing and we had a full house for the Theros Pauper Cube Draft. If you are new to Magic or just want to get some relaxed games in on a Sunday, M-Series is for you. $5.00, for a Khans booster and an afternoon of sanctioned Magic what a deal. Read More...

News till 20th Nov

Our students are now home, safe and sound for Christmas/New Year. Business here in Dunedin quiets down, this is to be expected. We still have great numbers with more than enough players to draft at Friday Night Magic. And that’s the plan for the next 2 months, Khans of Tarkir Drafting.

Over the last few weeks I’ve had a couple of people express their concern for the “wider” Dunedin Magic community. I want to make our current position clear. Chris and I have been in business for a long time, maybe too long, and we have been involved in running all manner of events, from small group training to large conferences. The single most important lesson learnt from our successes and failures: Run events for the people who come to your events. This would seem self evident, but it’s not! We have found that if you run events for the people who come to your events they bring others and you have a great event. When you run events for those who don’t come to your events then surprise surprise they don’t come, and because it’s not being focused for your regulars they don’t come either, fail. We actively seek ideas from our players for the types of events they want to attend and play at, this is what drives our involvement.

Meanwhile, Saturday Standard was fun, we have some great decks driven by keen players. I was a bit focused on my own games so I can’t report too much. In my first round, James got off to a great start, coming at me fast before I could stabilises the board and then again in game 2. Next I played Jacob who’s white deck threatened to do the same, but I managed to stabilise and then it was an extremely long grind, with B/U Control finally finding it’s answers. Read More...

News till 13th Nov

Just a quick update.

FNM was a smaller group with our students all home for the hols. If you found our FNM too crowded for your tastes, things will be quiet until next year, so pop in for a fun night of Tarkir Drafting.

Saturday had a great turnout with these new Commander decks blazing a path into the the most powerful commander decks.

Sunday was a fun M-Series, keep in mind there is no age or skill limit to M-Series, so if you want to join in to learn or help new players, please join us on Sunday afternoons.

The new Commander decks sold out in short order, new stocks have arrived, we hope we have ordered enough to stay on the shelves, but some colours will always be limited.

We also have the new Holiday box in stock, it is cool! Read More...

News till 30th Oct

Friday Night Magic was another full evening of fun Magic. With our daughter Liz over from Brisbane and sharing in FNM was very special. Thanks to everyone, you made her feel so welcomed. It's nice she now has better idea of what her crazy parents are up to on the weekends. Sorry, we had to hurry some of you out the door at 10:00pm but we needed to spend a little more time with her.

Saturday was Modern, with great cards that aren't so modern. Again a special thanks to Alex C for his generosity and support with cards and decks. My games were a blast, even playing against storm. We will be continuing on with our monthly Modern as we build our super decks. Congratulations Alex, Joe and Kieran for your grand performances.

Sunday, we had a great draft with Raven sharing her spot prize booster booty from Christchurch. This was lots of fun, thank you.

Monday, Labour Day. And we decided to have a small draft, this was so well supported that we switched it to Teams Draft. The random team up worked strangely well. A perfect draw for first, and for second. Right down to game counts, so that makes it Magic Cup points for all players. Read More...

News till 24th Oct

Hey, Bill where has the news gone?

Sorry, folks! I normally write our news section on Monday afternoons, along with my other store chores. But, we have been having a fun and busy Monday down at the store. For the rest of the week I try and crib some time to write up the news and have been missing.

But, I’ve updated the Cup points. There has been a bit of a discussion about the draft as students leave to go home for the holidays. The cups points will run up to the 31st December. We have been talking about our Events over Christmas and will be running events right the way through. The drafts will take place sometime well into the New Year giving our students time to return to Dunedin. The prize is the Draft, if people can’t make the draft then we will need to drop them and move people up into their place, sorry. I also hope to be down at the store everyday in December, but we will see how things go.

And now the news…
Game Day was a blast and Sunday M-Series is gathering momentum.

Our daughter is over from Brisbane so we’re off to do “Tourist” things, see you all on Friday. Read More...

News till 17th Oct

Oh dear, Wednesday already and no news? No news is good news right? I normally do the news of Monday but that was a busy day at the shop. Busy and fun.

Casting my mind back to Friday, we had a great FNM. Both Pods went well, with a battle for first in Pod 1. We had a few question and comments regarding the Podding and after all this time it’s a good place to have a review. When we started our main players seemed to organise themselves into Pod 1, then players moved on and Mark got busy, so we carried on with the way we thought it happened. But now we are going to change it up a bit, to be eligible to be play in Pod 1 you need to have won a FNM Pod Draft. I have the list and will keep it updated. Each week I will randomize this list and those players will be assigned to Pod 1. In the unlikely event that we don’t have 8 for that Pod, we will put another of our regular players into the deep end. New players to iLike Magic FNM Draft will always be in Pod 2.

Saturday, we had EDH and this was a great day, so many fun deck, and a few not so fun. Oh and while my Slithers were ho hum, they sure bring the hate. The final saw a quick end to James S, then a long stand off with Silent Arbiter, holding the Goblins at bay. Ed left for tea, and Tony finally got his combo. Well done Tony, Callum, Ed and James! There was also a lot of trading and tweaking of the decks headed to Ch-Ch. Thank you to everyone for pitching in and helping. Read More...

News till 26th September

Prerelease weekend began with our last M15 Draft. It was a small group as we expected but that didn't stop the fun.

We arrived early to setup for the Prerelease, but not earlier than the stout hearted players who came in to help us setup. Thanks guys, it was great to be ready when the crowds arrived, even if the banners were a bit wonky.

It was full house and we began with our Uncommonly Good competition, it was interesting that Khans has a lot of great cards that look as if they should be uncommon. Even Bill slipped up and missed Alex's correct first pick.

The unboxing and introductions went well with a lot of interesting decks and 4 Planeswalkers. On to lunch time, and a few keen voters slipped away to register their vote.

The afternoon competitions went smoothly. A couple standout players were Harry and James S. A special mention for James Me also, what an outstanding performance. Now, was it experience, great deck building, a good card pool, amazing game play? I think it was all these things for Ed who almost went through both days unbeaten! only dropping that important last match to Oscar on Saturday. Tough games. Congratulations and well played.

I have allocated all the iLike Magic Cup points for the 2 days. It's easy to see just how close the competition was!

Sunday night there was a few quite games of EDH as we tidied up and this brought another fun Prerelease to a close.

Next weekend Launch Party.

News till 19th September

The weekend began with Ladder games and Andrew moved up a rung after winning with his Modern deck. Soon we were crowed and FNM began.

Pod 1 had an interesting draft, with Mark, Alex and Raven away there was an open field. Brendan and Nick had their eye on the top spot. Tim and I thought we had a good chance but we soon had our hopes dashed. Well done Brendan for the deserved win.

Pod 2 was also interesting, we welcomed a visitor down from Wanganui, here for the robots competition, and he had a great time. Thanks to everyone for making him feel so welcome. Alex and Tony both went for control and that slowed round 1. Things soon got back on track and the final game down to our guest and Tony. Tony showed us that control could take the day.

Saturday 2 headed giant standard constructed surprised me completely. I was expecting people to simply use their decks from the last event, but no. Decks were tweaked and rebuilt to complement each other, this made for an amazing day of magic. Andrew and Chris made a formidable team, and Tim and I were lucky to get our win. The top decks battled it out over on the other table. Raven and Oscar keen to take the points, but Alex and James were just too strong. Congratulations to all players your decks and enthusiasm made it a great day of Magic.

Sunday was our second M-Series event, with Chris and the teens using our new Standard Common Cube, thanks to everyone who helped me sort those cards, and build the cubes, what a big job! Fun was had by all and Harry won the day. Over in room 2 we had a number of ladder games, and had a relaxing catchup. Thanks to Tony for giving me some much needed guidance on my new EDH deck.

This weekend is the Prerelease, you will be receiving an email about it soon. Read More...

News till 5th September

I don't want to dwell on the discouragement’s of the past weeks or let it overshadow another great month of Magic.

It was never intended that "Sunday Casual" would be institutionalised, it was allowed because we had space and had not moved forward with our Sunday M-Series plan. This was a mistake on our part and we are now meeting with parents of our emerging players to map out the M-Series program for the rest of this year, and sketch in next year. There will be a short general meeting 12:30pm next Sunday. If you have Year 6 - 10s who play magic please come along.

iLike Magic is not an Activity Centre, it is a Magic Store with a strong focus on WPN Sanctioned Events. To achieve this within our limited resources we need to stay single-minded and be relentless. We must not get comfortable with the status quo. More Magic, more fun.
We have had a great discussion with Wizards about problems we are facing and strategies are now in place for dealing with those.

There will always be changes. As we try new things some will work, others will tank. We learn, we move on. Read More...

News Till 29th August

We are off to a great start to a fun weekend of Magic.

A good crowd for FNM, and it was a evening of tough pairings. Angus tried to blaze a path with his Ornithopter Convoke deck, but it took until round 2 to fly. Chris had a strong start but was overrun in the later rounds. Bill was choked with Mana problems in the middle round. Sometimes the luck of the first win goes against you, sorry Bill. Well done to Mark and James M for great results.

Wow, what a day, 6 Teams - 24 players, sealed Magic! A fun Magic full day. We got started at 12 with deck building with 4 additional Plainswalkers making an appearance. It was surprising how few of the standard archetypes where there to be constructed. We saw some bold decks with a Control and another Mill deck.

At 1:00pm we started the matches. To try and make each game count we used a game count system to determine the team win, highest game count for the win. This seemed to confuse us, LOL. Bill, you have some silly ideas.

The first round saw a few games fail to finish, this format takes time, but the Captains kept the pace on for the rest of the day and all the other rounds saw clear results. A special thank you to all the Captains for their exceptional work in making the day such a success!

News till 21st August

A great FNM, a great Saturday, very discouraged with people on Sunday. Read More...

News Till 15th August

Friday's snow meant that we had to miss our first FNM since we started iLike Magic back in March, that's 20 Fridays in a row. Hope we make through the next 20 without more snow.

Saturday the sun came out and the roads where clear. Game Day was a go. This was going to be the first Tournament Event for many of our new player, exciting stuff. There were many great games, and decks. Andrews token deck just annihilated me, Raise the Alarm, then a double convoke of Spirits saw me dead in short order. Hamish's Gate deck also did well, only stopping when it meet Alex B's fast burn. Raven, and Chris J finished very strongly, but the winner's mat went to Alex C who controlled us all.

Sunday was quite as expected after the exceptional turnout last Sunday, but we still welcomed new players and had a nice relaxing day of Magic.

This week it's back to App building, and getting ready for the Khans prerelease. Read More...

News Till 7th August

So many highlights for this weekend, I'll just pick out a couple.

Friday Night Magic was fun, with Tim and myself moving into Pod 1, I think we'll both be back in Pod 2 next week , lol. We have been doing a lot of thinking about trying to ensure we have a great time at FNM, with our constrained space. We will be mixing it up a bit, but it will always be a draft format.

Saturday Conspiracy saw lots of games and there were 5 players through to the final, well done!

Sunday was a crazy afternoon. A huge THANK YOU, to all our regular players who made room and welcomed so many new players into the store. I'm very proud of how you all stepped up, while Chris and I played in Daniel's Conspiracy cube opening. And a reminder if you have a special Magic event that you want to invite friends or new players to, let us know and we will help host it. Read More...

News Till 1st August

Just a quick short news this week, not because we didn’t have a full and busy weekend of magic but this morning I have been working on our App. Modern results were so close on Sunday. There was much chaos trying to work out the standings and we need the computer to do this quickly.

A great FNM with new players and great results, congrats to Tim for his first FNM Pod win.

Saturday was busy with a full EDH, and the Modern results were very even. So close I allocated additional iLike Magic Cup Points. It would be nice to see just a little more support from the wider Modern community, but because these are WPN Sanctioned events sorry we can not accept proxies. If you want to join us, Alex has kindly offered to help with cards and decks.

Sunday, we had our first Ladder final. Great fun, congrats to Alex, Andrew and Bill. The Ladder winners get iLike Cup Points! As always, we have made some tweaks to the rules. This should mean more games, more magic, more fun.

News Till 25th July

Friday afternoon, Launch Weekend began early with this being the last day of the school hols. There were a few changes on the Ladder during the afternoon. Then onto FNM, we were packed! and learnt a few lessons on how to run larger events. Next time we get this many we will use swiss for the larger Pod and not make a small 3rd Pod.
Saturday was our first 2 Headed Giant event and we decided it would be draft. This was a blast, lots of whispered strategies as the 2 decks grew. Again numbers meant we switched to swiss and Chris did a great job of pairings, thank you! This week I'll be working on our App to do the pairings and this should speed up moving to rounds 3 and 4. The matches were very even and Tim and I had a chance to stop Andrews and Cas's ascent, but they made short work of us, with 2 zip result. They then went on to the finals which was far closer, coming down to the last play. Well done Callum and James. This brings James to just below the top 8 in the iLike Magic Cup.


The Prerelease is done and we now look forward to the M15 Launch Weekend, next weekend!

Friday, thinking it was going to be a quite night we had stand-by plans for the last Theros Draft. How wrong we were. Soon after arriving on Friday lunchtime players began arriving. New people finding us for the first time and familiar friends. Games began and we swopped formats as we went. By 6:00 both rooms were full and we had great final drafts. There was a lot of fun as Charging Badger wheeled.

Saturday and Sunday on to the Prerelease. My head is still in a whirl, so many great cards, so many great games. Every Planeswalker! A special thank you to Mark and Alex for being our go to people for rulings on the new cards. I can't say more, you just had to be there.

A special Thank You, to all of you for making it an unforgettable weekend.

News till 11th July

With the excitement of M15 Prerelease building, it been a fun weekend of Magic.

Friday afternoon casual quickly turned into FNM, with a blur of spells and creatures. We were just short of a full house and new drafters keep things interesting. One thing we noticed, being the end of Theros and most of us have the cards we want, there was very little value drafting and the resulting decks were the better for this. Ed's footy practice was rained off so he was able to pop in and win Pod 1. Casper had an exceptional draft and built a real powerhouse of a deck, well done. We will miss him this weekend as he takes school holidays in Ch-Ch.

Saturday was our first Team Event, this was amazing. I surpassed every hopes for this new event. The deck building was an excellent lesson for all players, teaching different skills and sharing ideas. Then onto the matches, OMG, what a competition. Down to the wire, the final match blow for blow, and Raven and Andrew being advised play for play. Team T&W took the prize, but for 9 matches to be so close was a testament to the quality of players we have on the teams! If you are not a part of a Team find/form one now as we will be having another Team Event very soon! Read More...

News till 3rd July

Friday afternoon began with the assembly of Garruk. What a beast the 8 foot that’s 2.5 meters, axe wielding Planeswalker. Then on to casual until FNM.

FNM was a good crowd, with a large draft. We welcomed James to his first draft and Oscar lent him a helping hand. It was a hard first pairing and second round didn’t get any easier, nearly everyone one had every even matches. Then on to the final games. Mark took the top spot but Andrew also scooped some iLike Magic Cup points.

Saturday was school social night for many of our players, I know they had a great night in Hollywood. Meanwhile back in the trenches the battles continued. Modern had a full table and it was great to have 3 visitors from the far north to share in our (not surprise) birthday event. Again I was completely out of my depth, fried by mountains, time warped and out drawn, and finally demolished with a huge Eldrazi. Others did better with Bruno with Affinity taking the top spot.
Over in the other room EDH + conspiracy cards turned out to be a bad idea. It simply made to far too easy to get those killer combos out. So that idea was abandoned and they returned to standard EDH. Angus took another win, that’s 2 in row, Andrew and Cas grabbed 2nd spot, this moved Andrew into 1st place for the iMC. Read More...

News till 27th June

TL:DR I’ll try and make this section a lot shorter. It’s hard because there is so much fun Magic happening, I’m sure I could fill pages with all the interesting games we have.

Friday started with some fun EDH before bringing out the Theros Block decks. These decks are really starting to fire, it will be very interesting to see what decks get built in the upcoming teams event.

Saturday was Conspiracy and I had a surprising win, due to the top players destroying each other and I was left standing in the smoldering ruins. Brendon milled Cas who then killed Brendon while waiting for his next draw, then Hamish almost killed Raven but getting mowed over in the backlash, while I managed to fly over top to finish Raven. A crazy ending to a fun afternoon of Magic.

News till 19th June

Some times I look back on our weekends and it just a blur of fun Magic, so if I get some of the details wrong please forgive me. We started Friday afternoon with friendly games of Pauper, and new players. Soon others arrived and EDH and Standard decks rolled out. 6:00pm arrived and we welcomed 4 new players to FNM, luckily we had a couple of spare decks to make available. Not drafting is a problem for new players, so we’re returning to drafts after next Friday. The Standard games went really well with some amazing decks. A great night and well earned victories for Mark and James.

Saturday Conspiracy we a blast (again) and lots of new players both to the store and to drafting. It was exciting to have so many players drafting Conspiracy around Dunedin. Facebook gave us regular updates from the other events. Drafting went well, many who had drafted last week had a plan, but as so often happens with draft these just go out the window with the first booster. Drafting a Dack from my second booster completely crashed my plan. But others did well. Elephants… Lessons learnt from last week also resulted in a smooth running event and a great final. I watched the final while the others played a mammoth game in the other room. The final was tense with Silent Arbiter holding the building armies at bay. Joe was the first to go, slowly beaten down. Read More...

News till 16th June

So much Magic, so little time. Friday afternoon began with casual EDH, early afternoon and soon switched to deck testing for next FNM Standard. As the afternoon rolled on more and more players arrived to ensure their place in the first Conspiracy draft. This was exciting! 6:00pm and the rooms where full to bursting (again). The draft was insane, all sorts of drafting shenanigans, but it all worked like clockwork and we moved to deck building. Many of us just had no idea of the strategies but others had already settle on a master plan. I think Andrew had collected all the Will of the Council cards in our pod. On to the games, and more fun ensued. These games run long, and we confirmed our suspicion that Friday night is just not long enough, but we battled on. Some even fitting in 3 games. As we finished cleaning up I was surprised to see it was 10:30pm a long night of More Magic, more fun.
Saturday began with texts and players waiting at the doors. Please peoples check this site for start times and events, other sites may have the details wrong! Only this site is the final word on what is happening at iLike Magic.
So people started arriving early and all sorts of games began while we waited for 1:00pm. Again, all seats were full and drafting began. Most of us had a plan, and as is often the case when everyone has a plan, they just didn’t work out. Read More...

News till 9th June

Last week was busy and this weekend looks set to be chocked full of fun Magic.
Friday night saw Alex B with a difficult choice, 2 mythic cards in the same booster. Yes, we saw a foil Brimaz, what a draw, but paired with a Mogis, God of Slaughter, so unfair.
The games were also great fun, with Alex B also winning Pod 2. Over in Pod 1 a Planeswalker put in an appearance and Oscar won the day.

Saturday we had 2 different events, in Room 1 we had our Modern Event Deck release event, 8 great player (and me) battled it out. The final was a long nerve racking game, going 1 : 1 and finally Jun triumphed over Alex C. Thanks to everyone who made this a great event.
Over in Room 2 - EDH Commander, first an all in game, 7 decks battled. Next smaller groups battled and this lead to a final match. Congrats to Angus, Raven and Andrew. Krenco lasted a bit longer than normal, goblins get so much hate.

News for 30th May - 2nd June 2014

Last week was busy and this weekend looks set to be chocked full of fun Magic.
Friday night saw Alex B with a difficult choice, 2 mythic cards in the same booster. Yes, we saw a foil Brimaz, what a draw, but paired with a Mogis, God of Slaughter, so unfair.
The games were also great fun, with Alex B also winning Pod 2. Over in Pod 1 a Planeswalker put in an appearance and Oscar won the day. Read More...

A Place for Old News

I have been deleting our old news and announcements as I wrote new entries. But now they have a place to go! from now on I will move them into here, so they will be saved for prosperity. All the other entries with this date are old copies I found. Read More...

Last Weeks Report

Friday Night Magic was packed house and that’s 2 weeks in a row we have hit our limit. Thanks to Chris for letting me take the extra games, though I may have done better if I took the byes. Pod 1, had a good draft with most players finding strong colour pairs, with 1 keen player opting to splash for a 3rd. Both pods had a tough match up on round 2 that slowed down play. This was all good as we had our new stocks of boxes, sleeves, binders and other cool goodies arrive. Then back to the finals and Mark held to his win. Read More...

Jouney into Nyx Launch Weekend

Launch Weekend is now done and dusted. With Chris away I thought we would just cruse through and relax after the pressure of Prerelease.
Friday afternoon started with people arriving to tweak and test their Theros Block constructed decks. Soon EDH began and we played through to Friday Night Magic. FNM was a full house, nice to have our travellers back after the holidays. I was also great to have our new Drafters returning. Drafting is a fun format, especially when you know the basics and want to take both your Standard and card collection to the next level. Read More...

An old Weekly Report

What a great night, the feeling of camaraderie was great. A nice visit from Wizards, it was nice to thank WotC in person for all the help they have given us getting iLike Magic going. Thank you all for the support.

Vaughan had a great draft, he smacked me down Centaur Battlemaster with 3 heroic triggers. He keep going until stopped by Daniel. Well done Daniel for the hard fought 2-1 win.

Saturday Modern was a blast, I can feel myself getting sucked down this rabbit hole. A fun round robin with Alex in full command during the day.

Sunday started a little slow as the traffic from the Royals thinned, but the rest of the day was fun. EDH - 2 Headed Giant and ending with a 5 player EDH with more diplomacy than card drops. Read More...