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Old News

[iLike Magic] Magic News this Week World Wide Coverage M-Series

The week that was…

Congratulations to Ed, who held off stiff opposition from James S, Alex C and Bill to take first place at FNM. Well done to Will too, for hanging in there and coming back to draft with us again last Friday. Fortunately, drafting’s a lot of fun even when you’re quite new to it.

Saturday was hilarious, as can be expected for Themed day. Bill heroically persevered with retelling the story of the Nutcracker even though his cards refused to come out in the traditional order. Andrew’s Interplanar Summer Holiday flicked us all around the Multiverse with plenty of ROFLing. And you better believe Oscar when he tells you that Santa KNOWS if you’ve been naughty or nice, and will bestow blessings or beatdowns accordingly…

A lot of our M-Series players were busy at the Christmas Parade, so the rest of us enjoyed Random Duelling featuring the decks from the Duel Decks Anthology. This was so much fun that it will become a regular Sunday activity.

We had so much fun with our Themed decks we decided to use them as the basis of our Holiday competition. Go to

Look at the lists of cards for the decks, then select the most appropriate name for each deck on the form below and submit your entry to be in the draw for a Holiday Gift Box. The event is open until the end of Christmas Day, prizes will be announced on Boxing Day.

Looking Forward…

What’s the plan at iLike Magic over Christmas? Well, we’ll be open for business as usual.

We will be here from lunchtime ready for drafting every Friday evening including Boxing Day and 2nd Jan. Saturday tournaments and Sunday M-Series will continue through the holiday season as well.

This Friday we’ll begin our FNM Khans Draft at 6pm as usual. $20. I suspect there’ll be lots of deck testing during the afternoon as we tweak our decks ready for…

Saturday Standard. Registration 12:30, $8. Play starts at 1pm

Sunday will be M-Series, where you can bring people who are learning to play Magic as well as building your own draft skills with our store cubes. Open from 12:30, $5 each. Draft event starts at 1:30. Lots of fun stuff happens at iLike Magic on Sunday afternoons.



I hope you’re getting plenty of Magic in over your holidays. We look forward to hearing of the excellent events you’re representing iLike Magic at all over the world.

We know that life’s been getting in the way of you earning iLike Magic Cup points lately, so Bill’s decided to give Cup points for correct entries in the Holiday Competition. Only 1 entry per person, but those 3 points could make all the difference to your tally! Play now at

Make sure you locate a PreRelease event near you, and get your booking in, and don’t forget to keep an eye on our website for events coming up when you return to Dunedin. March is going to be a particularly awesome month of Magic at iLike!



Friday Night Magic is reasonably quiet over the Christmas period, which makes it an excellent time to build your skills by drafting in a more competitive environment. Friday nights’ drafts begin at 6pm, so you need to be here for registration by about 5:30. You can even come up earlier and join in with deck testing, trading and other shenanigans any time after 12:30. We aim to be winding up the draft by 9pm. Remember, it costs $20, and you get to keep all the cards that you draft.

Don’t worry if you don’t think you’re ready for the big time! We’ll be working on our drafting skills with the store’s Khans of Tarkir cube on Sunday afternoons. And there’ll be Random Duelling and other fun things too. 4-Player Pack Wars, anyone? We open at 12:30, main event starts at 1:30 with a target finish time of 5pm. M-Series costs $5.

Remember, the January PreRelease and Release Events are the best time to get involved in these bigger events, and the better you know your Khans cards, the more fun you’ll be able to have with adding the new Fate Reforged cards.

PreReleases are a really fun event. We start at 10:30 and spend the whole day enjoying the activities and new cards. There are 6 boosters in each PreRelease pack (that’s why they cost $40), and you’ll use them to build a 40 card deck for the afternoon’s tournament play. Spot prizes throughout the day, too.

We run two PreRelease events, one on Saturday 17th Jan and another on Sunday 18th. You can book for either, or both. It’s absolutely essential to your booking in though:

Launch Weekend events start on Friday 23rd Jan - more about those in next week’s newsletter.