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Last Weeks Report

Friday Night Magic was packed house and that’s 2 weeks in a row we have hit our limit. Thanks to Chris for letting me take the extra games, though I may have done better if I took the byes. Pod 1, had a good draft with most players finding strong colour pairs, with 1 keen player opting to splash for a 3rd. Both pods had a tough match up on round 2 that slowed down play. This was all good as we had our new stocks of boxes, sleeves, binders and other cool goodies arrive. Then back to the finals and Mark held to his win. Great to have Mark back, and Magic Cup points in the bag. Over in Pod 1 Toby was having a great night making 2nd to Alex, how did he end up in Pod 1, LOL.
Saturday was Journey into Nyx Game Day and we had a fun day, one of the most enjoyable days play we have hosted. Everyone there was in the running with recent near wins or great decks. As the swiss finished we had our top 4, there had been many upsets along the way. The semis saw a big upset with James, on 1 life, getting the swing back to take out Alex. With Andrew battling in 3rd also winning over 2nd seed Brenden. The final was brutal, a 1 - 1, coming down to a huge finish when an Elspeth -3 board wiped certain doom. Congratulations go to both James and Andrew, with James taking home the Game Day Champions play mat. Meanwhile Xenagos the Ascended was being battered, the best move was Bile Blight turn 2 finishing with Pharika’s Chosen.

Sunday casual is still gathering momentum and we have now begun our League event. This was a great day and many people stayed late, even as the weather began to close in. If you’re just wanting a casual game the Sunday afternoon is for you.