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radicool kids - Vend

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We decided to use Vend for our retail and eCommerce solution because we wanted to create a unique, modern and easy POS experience for our customers that integrates fully with our wireless eftpos terminal and iPad.

The in store point of sales system is world class and easy to set up and use. We love the ability to have a clean workspace and everything is connect wirelessly giving our store the clean aesthetic we were looking for.

Vend recommended we contact Bill at iLike to help customize our online store. It was the best decision we could have made. Bill has understood our needs and quickly made the changes we were wanting while offering ongoing support to continually improve our customers’ online shopping experience and grow our online presence.

We now have a beautiful online store that is evolving and most importantly integrated with our retail store so we never miss a sale again.

Brendan and Emily Boniface

Bakehouse Takeaways - Vend

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A busy store with great food.

Owaka is beautiful, it’s worth the trip for the views, and now there great takeaways too.

Crank Cycles - Vend and App

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The number one ingredient is passion. Talk with Nigel for a few minutes and there’s no mystery about his twin passions: cycling and community. He recently brought these together by founding Crank Cycles. From organising community cycling events each week to recycling old bikes to give them away, the sport that changed Nigel’s life has become his life.

Crank Cycles provides a great environment for the whole family, with bikes of all shapes and sizes. There’s something for everyone: tiny bikes for the littlies, bikes for road and mountain riding, even fat bikes for snow and sand. Crank Cycles offers superb after sales support, complete with lessons, workshops, and organised racing.

Cromwell, in Central Otago, provides an excellent base for exploring the many amazing cycling opportunities. Travellers exploring Otago’s cycle trails can take time out here while getting their bikes serviced by an expert. Crank Cycles offers travellers intimate knowledge of local tracks and a range of bikes for hire as well as a great range of cycling kit and even IceBug trail running shoes. And if you’re looking for something completely different, hire a paddleboard and make the most of the lake.

iLike Magic - Vend

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A specialized retail hobby store that sells Magic: the Gathering cards and accessories. It also organises tournaments both Sanctioned and casual events.
iLike Magic makes use of the full POS, Inventory management and Ecommerce features of Vend. It also serves as our working demonstration site.
If you would like a full behind the scenes tour, please contact us.