Apple Solution Experts

Otago and the West Coast

iLike computing ltd is the New Zealand, Otago and West Coast specialist Apple Reseller. Located in the heart of the South Island, we provide service and support for the owners of iMacs, iPads and other Apple devices throughout Otago and the West Coast.
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iLike computing limited has a wide range of business and accounting experience. We provide both distance and on-site support.
We are adding to our growing range of Cloud Integration solutions. This includes Apple’s iCould services, POS, Inventory and On-Line stores.


As Education Resellers, we are also skilled in supplying ICT products for schools. This includes printers, cameras, software and all things iPad and Mac.

All Your Requirements

We are happy to provide you with any new hardware, software or peripherals you require.


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Third Thursday

Restarting in the New Year

Replays are now available at
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