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Distance Support

Since we began in 1998 distance support has been a key part of our service. We prefer FaceTime or Zoom, but also have access to others. While we are on furlough we will be continuing with distance support and online training.
Due to our current time difference with New Zealand we will not be available during the NZ morning, but will be available through to 8:00 pm NZT.
If you are unsure please check Brisbane time, we can not assist you outside:
9:00 - 5:00 AEST

iLike computing ltd Support

All Support by Chris and Bill is now done via our Patron Site, help us help you by becoming our Patron.
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As Shopify partners we are able to assist you with all aspects of setting up and maintaining your on-line store. We do this remotely working online, for either New Zealand or Australia.

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We no longer do workshop or on-site repairs.

Hardware faults and AppleCare repairs - ServicePlus see.

Christchurch, West Coast, Dunedin

Freephone: 0800 00 77 22

Hardware Sales

While we are in Brisbane we will only be providing hardware sales to exisiting business and educational customers, as we can not guarantee hardware compatibility with unknown systems.

Online Stores

Web Hosting

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